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2013 Summer Update ... July 4th was pretty fun this year! We went up to Pineview to go wave running. It turned out to be pretty busy up there! We ended up staying for five hours and then went to Maga's for a while. Once we got home, I drove to the South Town Mall to watch fireworks with Rachel and her family.

Work As a senior in high school, who also doesn't have a lot to do over the summer, I've kept myself pretty busy cleaning the houses my dad builds with his company. It's pretty cool working in the really nice houses that they build. But with this week.. It's been so hot.. It makes it really exhausting.

Waverunners My dad was awesome enough to get these amazing waverunners.. We got the RXT-X aS, which we've nicknamed "Roxy" she has suspension, which is pretty cool for a waverunner and changes the experience. The other is the RXP-X, which is SeaDoo's racing model.. We named her "Susie".. Susie is my favorite.

Youth Conference I recently got back from youth conference. We went to 4 temples in 2 days. The temples that we went to were the Oquirrh Mountain, Salt Lake, Draper, and Jordan River temples. And going to all the temples, we went to Midway and had a day of boating.

0609 This week has been the first week of summer.. And I'd have to say that it was sooo long.. It wasn't bad or anything, it was great! I just hope the rest of summer doesn't go by this slow..

0605 Today was the senior sunrise at the school. The school offered donuts and hot chocolate, but I thought it'd be more fun to make pancakes for my friends! So I spent qutie a bit of time the day before getting ready for it, and it was a success!

0603 Today was technically the last day of school, and it was awesome! We just had to get our check-out sheets signed by all our teachers, and then I was out of there!

0526 On Saturday we went to the Cheesecake Factory, and I totally over ate and I kinda felt like throwing up.

0519 Today we went to Maga's house for Adrian's birthday. Going over to Maga's is always fun because we always get to play with little Amare and little Sam.

0512 On Saturday, I went on a little "Shoppin' for Mother's Day" date with Rachel. We just messed around in Target for a while, until we were finally able to decide what to get for our own mothers. I got a bucket of Red Vine's and she got her mom some Diet Coke. After we finished, we went to Subzero and got ice cream!

0505 On Thursday, I went on a date to the Iron Man 3 movie premiere. It was the first time I have been to a movie premiere, but I just expected it to be packed, and I was right. I met up with some friends there, then we got some treats, and then went to see the movie! It was a pretty great movie, and a really funny one too!

0428 This weekend, for child development, I had to care of a little robot baby. The first hour was pretty stressful because I didn't know how to work it and it just kept crying! I soon got the hang of it, and it was pretty easy to care for from then on.

0421 Last Friday, my precious Avalanche truck got hit in the parking lot during lunch. My friend just texted me during lunch that it had been hit. I was with my other friend so we went out there to see what damaged had been done. I had quite a bit of bumper damage, but the whole upper right side of her car was destroyed!

0414 There has been a recent "revival" of the interest of Starwars.. This has led to watching all the movies and constant lightsaber fights, which actually are quite fun. And I dominate. Period.

0409 This last weekend was General Conference weekend. My favorite session is always the priesthood session. I took quite a bit of notes, but was then a bit distracted by the Wichita vs. Louisville game.. We later went to Macy's and got ice cream.

0401 You could say that the Easter holiday at the Blackham home wasn't a very good one.. I ended up barfing around 11 that night. Then Keaton joined me, and then Cooper, and then Callahan, and Colton in the morning. It was pretty surprising that all of us puked within the eight hours of time.

032413 The end of the quarter is coming up, and I've got straight A's besides a C in language arts. In the first quarter I was able to get my first 4.0 ever. In the second quarter I was a bit more lazy and our trip to Disneyland affected my schooling so I didn't get a 4.0 that quarter. But now it's just language arts that's ruining my 4.0, I just hate reading and writing, so.. DON'T FUT.

1012 Tonight I went to the Herriman football game against Westlake. It got pretty cold that night and it was raining the whole time too! I left early, but we won 53-7!

0919 Last Friday, Herriman had it's homecoming game against Hillcrest! It was a pretty fun game, and we smoked Hillcrest!

0902 Well, I've had my first week of school, and it's been good. I can already tell that my B days are going to be the good days and my A days suck.

0826 This weekend, I went to my friend's Eagle Project. For his Eagle Project, we all had to camp at the area we would be working at, because it was far away. The night we were there, we all played pirate, which was awesome! The next day, we had to stain signs, and paint the posts. It was sure messy.

0819 My friend Sam talked me into going to the dinosaur museum with her little brother. I kind of teased her about it, but it was fun!

0812 We went to Maga's house to have a little celebration of all the upcoming birthdays in August/ September. We ate good food, and went swimming!

0805 The last week has been pretty rough, dirty, and tiring.. But still awesome! I've been at Trek for this last week. The first day, we got to meet our families and have a longer day of walking. The second day was probably the toughest for us all, it was so dusty.. We all got very dirty. And we also walked more on that day than the rest. The third day was, by far, the best. It was my favorite, very spiritual. We had the Women's Pull, our solo time, and our family testimony meeting. The final day, we had to pack up, and only had to walk a little bit to where the buses were. It's so nice to be all clean.

0729 Olympics. I haven't been totally been into the Olympics the past times, but I've been really into them this year! The sport I like to watch the most is the USA Men's basketball team! They are dominate, with the best players in the world. The volleyball was also cool to watch!

0722 Saturday, I got back from my Venture super activity! We did the same thing as last year, went up to our leader's grandma's property along the Snake River in Idaho. On Thursday, we went to the Twin Falls Temple and some cliff diving! Then, on Friday, we were on the river all day. Playing with the Seadoos and riding the boat on the river! We were all pretty baked from the sun.

0701 We went to Snowbird! There, we went on the alpine slide, rock climb, rope course, mechanical bull, and ride the tram. That was all there really was to do, so I got bored quickly. I was happy to finally be home.

0624 Today we went to Maga's house, and Kolby's family was there! It was a lot of fun, but Maddie and Mia are quite the bunch of crazy girls.. All the little cousins were climbing all over Callahan and I the whole time, so we decided to try and be sneaky and hide from them. Sometimes I was pretty dang sneaky and they never noticed me. But I turned myself into their "prison," I was pretty silly and made them laugh and laugh and laugh.

0610 We went to Maga's house for Amare's and Aidan's birthday today. It was meant to be a swimming party, but since yesterday, it had cooled down and the wind picked up quite a bit. So it was awfully chilly for a swimming party! But still, there were still people crazy enough to play in the water. We later went to the neighborhood pool down the street. It was pretty fun, but you freeze once you get out of the water. I went in the bathroom wear the wind wasn't a factor, in there I found a shower! And we all took nice warm showers..

0606 Over the summer, I hoping to have "Movie Monday's" whether it's at the theaters, or it's someone's house, we just watch a movie! So, Jessi, Kelly, Patrick, Madi, and I all got together at the District to go see a movie. We ended up seeing "The Avengers" I'm glad to finally see it! It was great!

0603 So, at the Henderson Park, there was a sand volleyball court, but no one really ever used it! So, the West Jordan park management decided to tear it out and put in a new basketball court. They finished it a few days ago. On Friday, Callahan and I wanted to go over there and shoot around for a while. We got plenty of water, some towels, and something to play music. I played there for around four hours, so I got a pretty good sunburn...

0602 (Saturday) 1. Dusted off the piano and desk. 2. Built a block for the doorstop. 3. Took down the swing set. 4. Driving practice (DI, etc. with Dad)

0601 (Friday) Drove Mom to Dunford to pick up Donuts for National Donut Day. Played a little ping pong. Went to the park for basketball, got sunburned. Had a party in the evening, Dad had to pick up at midnight.

0531 (Thursday) First day out of school ... school is not really out but there was no reason to go. Found a baby bird (actually two). 1. Basketball 2. Dishwasher 3. Trim Lawn Edges 4. Read (a few words)

0527 On Monday we decided to go to this place called Airborne. It's an indoor place and most of the ground is trampolines! It was pretty dang fun! They had this large area that was just trampolines, a dodgeball arena, and, probably the most fun thing there, foam pits!

0519 Today we started on my Eagle Project at the park. Dad and I first loaded up all the tools, got doughnuts, and got all setup at the park. I was so worried that we wouldn't get enough helpers, but plenty of people showed up! So it didn't take a long time to get everything done.

0513 Lately I've been preparing for my Eagle Scout Project. Bryce, some of the other scouts, and I all went out to collect donations for the materials that we have to buy. We've collected all the money, and someone even donated $100!

0507 Colton and I have been fighting over the iPad that we have. Dad got sick of it and told me, "You could use the iPad 2." I was a tad confused, because that's the iPad that he uses for work.But it turns out that Dad actually bought the new iPad! I asked him how long he's had it, and he said that he's had it for a while.. and not one of us had a clue..

0429 Today was the Sadie Hawkins dance. We first went to someone's house to eat pizza and watch Bolt. After that, we left to the dance, we only stayed for about a half hour. We just danced to a few songs, took pictures, then quickly left! We left early because we reserved some lanes at All Star Lanes to go bowling! Bowling was a lot of fun, even though I didn't win..

0422 On Saturday, Sam, Shea, Madi, and I all went to Target to buy shirts for the Sadie Hawkins dance. Madi decided on a Coke shirt, so we bought them. Then we waited for Sam's mom to pick us up and take us back to her house. There we made and ate tacos, then watched Inception!

0417 In biology class today we finally got into the animal dissecting unit! Today it was just a fish. We took the fish out of the bucket and put it on the tray. I then took a picture of it and named it Charlie. The fish were soaked in a type of preserving chemical which made everything smell really bad.. I did most of the cutting for our group, but the cutting was a disaster.. I kept cutting things that I was not supposed to cut.. But I was finally able to cut the segment out and spilled the guts of Charlie. It was an interesting lab, one girl almost threw up because her group completely mangled their fish.

0408 For Easter we went to grandma's to collect eggs, as usual! And I hid a lot of the eggs. This year, there was a shortage of grandkids! So everyone got a good amount of eggs! Then on Sunday we went to Maga's.

0330 Prom! Prom was certainly a very fun night that I won't be forgetting anytime soon. After I had gotten all dressed up in my tuxedo and picked up the corsage, we went to Madi's to pick her up. It took us a little longer than we thought to find their house, but we eventually found it! So her parents made us take a few pictures together. Then I gave her the corsage, and she tried to pin the boutineer on me and gave up quickly. Then her mom tried to and she also couldn't! Mom had to do it.. but it didn't fall off! Later, we all met up at Sam's house, took more pictures, then left to downtown! We ate a Biaggi's, it was a really good restaurant with delicious food! After dinner, we finally left to the Capitol. The dance was great, I had a lot of fun there. After the dance was over, we had a quick trip to Leatherbee's for ice cream. So, overall, fantastic night!

0325 Saturday was sort of more busy than usual for me. We would are second round region game, this one we lost pretty badly. Then I had to go home quickly, shower, then head to my tuxedo fitting appointment. I am new to this whole thing, so I didn't really know what I was doing!

0318 Today was Sam's party. There we just watched "She's the Man", ate some cake, and played a little bit of ping pong.

0311 On Friday night I asked my friend, Madi to prom. Most of the day I was filling up eggs with little notes and clues. We filled one hundred Easter eggs. Later, Sam came and picked me up to go to her house and hide them.

0304 We had a movie night at Sam's house. I went a little early to make some homemade Oreos, everyone liked them. We watched "A Haunting in Connecticut".

0226 I had to do driving ranges on Saturday. First I just observed with a driver on the range. The guy I was with was pretty good. I was a little nervous to drive myself, but it was really easy. And you just get really bored driving alone for two hours and going really, really slow..

0219 My hair was getting pretty long, and I hate it when it is really long, same with Mom and she's glad that I like my hair short. So, she took the three younger ones and I to Fantastic Sam's for haircuts. Even with a haircut that I just got a few days ago, I still get one from Livi when we went to Maga's house. But, I'm glad that I did, she made it even shorter and made it look better.

0213 Thursday night we had a churchball game, that game we won and I had 12 points. Friday we also had a game against the same team, this time it was a lot tougher because they had their big guy and we didn't. We ended up losing by ten, and the worst part was that I missed 12 free throws, I was so off that game! But I still had 19 points and a couple of steals.

0129 My reffing shift this week was pretty interesting. I got to ref some girl teams, and after reffing girls I can say that I do not really enjoy reffing girls.. More towards the end of my shift there was a technical called on a coach, and it was one of the ref's dad! I thought it pretty funny. Then the next game was Keaton's team and got to ref him, so now I'm reffed all my brothers!

0122 Today we went to Clay's house for his birthday. There I watched a little bit of the Giants vs. 49ers game. I also gave Will, Addie, and Adian some piggyback rides around the house, it was tiring! Clay also made some of his delicious homemade doughnuts! They were so yummy!

0115 Marcus' farewell was on Sunday. The sacrament meeting was packed with friends and family of Marcus. I knew a lot of people there, and it's been since I've seen a lot of them. Hayden, Kody, and I went to their house after and hung out with his friends and family for a little bit.

0109 Friday was our rivalry basketball game against Riverton. The game was a whole lot of fun!A tense game, a half time dance off, and a great time with friends.

010212 2012 is here! It being a brand new year has made me think about this past year, and how fast it has gone by as well. On New Year's Eve I went to my friend Sam's house along with some other friends. We watched the Roommate. It was a creepy movie. After the movie I pulled out a Nerf gun from their cabinet and then a war broke out! When we got tired of shooting each other we played a little ping pong. When it was the new year we went outside and saw the fireworks.

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