Monday, September 22, 2014

Grandparents and Games

For the past several years, we've had my parents over to our house for games on New Years Eve. The boys really enjoy playing games with Grandma and Grandpa, and I always make a little resolution to invite the folks over more for "Grandparents and Games" nights. We did get them in several times this past year. 

We are a game family. We have an entire closet of games (Got Games?)  My parents introduced us to Rummykub, New Years 2014, and it has continued to be a favorite. But lately? It's Apples to Apples. Cooper wants to play it All. The. Time. We have several different versions, both a kids and a junior version, a Disney version, a "to go" version, plus the original of course. The Junior and Disney are favorites, and a little easier for the younger boys to recognize the words/people on the cards. 

I also introduced the boys to Scattegories ... at first they fought trying a new game, preferring to stick with the favorites. It seemed a little too hard ... but it has become a favorite now too. My mom and dad are more than willing to make the trek out to our house (and I TRY to include dinner with the invitation, although Mom says that isn't necessary).   As I write this post, it's been a bit since our last Grandparents and Games night, I guess I need to get on that!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Starting School & School Pictures

 Ah ... school is back in session. Before you know it, it's time for the annual school pictures. Callahan STILL isn't showing teeth with his smile, even though he got his braces off. Colton banged up his forehead a couple days before the photo shoot. Isn't that how it goes?

I also took my standard shots on the first day of school ...

Callahan is now in 10th grade! He's been looking forward to high school to join up with many of his basketball buddies that went to the other middle school. Now they are all together, and Callahan is very anxious for basketball tryouts. He will be dressing up on game days in the future. Today the attire was in honor of a fellow student who had died in a car crash. But Callahan IS changing his everyday clothing from his usual basketball shorts and t-shirts into cargo shorts and non-basketball shirts!

Keaton is now in 8th grade. We did a little back to school shopping and got him a couple new t-shirts and socks. He got a pair of white shoes that are now his favorite. He started out with a sling backpack but then switched to an old backpack of Landon's ...

It's the second year at Terra Linda for these two! Cooper is in 5th grade, in Mr. Dennison's class. He does have a number of his buddies in his class which is good, as he's really struggling with his anxiety this year. Colton will be in Mrs. Gardner's 3rd grade class, and unfortunately most of his friends are with other teachers ... but he's such an easy going kid, he'll be fine. Cooper started out playing basketball at recess, but switched to football. Colton has been enjoying playing soccer with his friends.

Since Landon graduated last year, we don't have a school picture for him this year. He and his buddy Tyler set up a little photo shoot for their missionary paperwork ... so I'll include it here too. We'll need to get in a new family photo before Landon leaves us!

As for me? I actually enjoy the return to routine. 
The structure of a schedule that comes with school.

Yea for back to school!

If Ye Lack Wisdom ...

When it comes to serving an LDS mission, sometimes the problem isn't lacking wisdom, but having it. Them rather. Wisdom teeth that is.

I never had my wisdom teeth out. Neither did Grayson. We really aren't even sure if we have them or not. We didn't know about Landon either. But in the prep for submitting his papers, he went in for a dental checkup and yes. Wisdom teeth. Two impacted, two under the gums. Dang ... we were actually hoping he lacked wisdom. Teeth that is.

So ... we looked up an oral surgeon and booked a date. Grayson took the afternoon off work to come help (if I needed it). They had us into the office for a Q&A, then took Landon in and put him under. Then Gray and I waited, and it was done.  I know there are a ton of funny videos, and we did film a bit, but it wasn't anything really post worthy.

At home, we set Landon up in the family room watching TV. I had to leave to pick up Keaton, and Gray was laying down for a nap himself. I asked him to stay awake just until I got back, just in case Landon wandered around or something. Gray got up, followed me into the kitchen and ... no Landon. He had wandered off. Actually, he had just ducked into the computer room hiding from us. He thought it was pretty funny.

He really wasn't that bad puffy wise. I stocked up on soft stuff to eat. Pudding, jello, yogurt ... he was back to normal in no time. Except now ... he lacks wisdom. Teeth that is.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Blackham Boys and BB Guns

As I mentioned in a previous post ... Cooper was not particularly excited to go to scout camp in the summer (Summer Scouts). But one of the good things that came from that, was a renewed interest in shooting BB guns. If you call that a good thing I guess. I like any activity that gets the boys outside, requires some skill, and builds the family dynamics. Generally, Dad and brothers would all come out with Cooper to shoot in the backyard.

 Our targets of choice? Cans of soda pop. 
Shaken of course ... that makes them even more fun!

A video posted by JenB (@jenblackham) on

Oh the carnage! I mean ..."can-age"
... and Cooper cleaning it all up!

Once, as we pulled out some soda to use, I accidentally included a can of v-8 tomato juice. When it was shot... it looked like a crime scene! The red juice all over looked like blood! Gross!  I picked up some little plastic army guys, and Cooper would try shooting them too. I mean ... they do have guns! Poor little green guys without heads all over the backyard. 

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