Sunday, October 27, 2013

I've Been Baking ...

I don't know what it is about Fall. The cooler temperatures just make me want to turn on the oven and whip up something sweet. And that's exactly what I've done. I been baking this past week .. Cookie Press Cookies are Keaton's favorite. I had to buy a complete new set a couple years ago JUST to get the cute pumpkin shape.

These are a staple ...
I pretty much make them every Sunday.

Banana Bread ... I like to keep bananas on hand for eating, but they so often start to go bad. Then I make banana bread and muffins.

Mmmmm ... these were yummy!
I set aside a little dough for scones too.

 Chocolate Chip Muffins
We'd been a fan of the boxed Betty Crocker mix.
I'd stocked up on blueberry muffin mix during a recent sale,
but my store didn't have any chocolate chip.
I made these babies from scratch.
The boys said they liked Betty's better.
Go figure!

A family favorite from my side.
#1 son actually made the dough by request from a friend.
He left a little for our family to enjoy too.

Carb overload I know ... it was all so yummy. NOT a good thing for me, on my weight loss journey (Jen's Journey). With all the baking this week, I needed to restock our sugar supply. I went downstairs and grabbed a 25 pound of sugar from the storage room and lugged it up the stairs. It was heavy!

But as I carried the bag of sugar up the stairs,
I was hit with a realization.
25 pounds is what I've lost so far.
I'm so glad I'd not lugging around an extra 25 pounds every single day.
I'd like to lose another big bag of sugar.
I probably should cut back on the baking.

I thought I'd link up with What I Ate Wednesday today.
Does the cooler weather inspire you to bake more?

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