Friday, October 4, 2013

Colton's Cast

I got the dreaded call from school. Colton had fallen at recess and had hurt his arm. I went to the school and he did seem to be in pain, cradling his left wrist. He's a pretty tough kid and usually shakes off any minor injury, so I was a bit concerned. I took him home, did the whole R.I.C.E. thing, and gave him some medication.  It was a bit of a crazy afternoon/evening. I had to turn back around, back to the school to grab Cooper. Then I had to rush to the middle school for conferences for Callahan and Keaton (not "Parent/Teacher conferences ... Student Lead Conferences. Although we did check in with a couple of Keaton's teachers). Then Callahan had basketball practice. I dropped him off ... then, as Colton was still hurting, took him in for an x-ray.

The first instacare we tried didn't have it's lab tech there, so we had to go to another, further one in Riverton. They examined him and took an x-ray, but the doctor didn't think it was broken. So we went home. Colton missed his soccer game that night.

Colton's wrist was still tender, so I pulled out an old wrist brace we had from when Cooper had broken his arm. He went off to school. I got a call from the instacare saying the radiologist had looked at the x-ray, and the ortho guy on staff and it WAS broken and we needed to get Colton back in for a cast.

It's a "buckle" fracture, not a full break. Imagine an old, dry branch ... you bend it and it breaks. But a young, green branch, if you bend it,while you can see where you bent it, it doesn't break all the way through. 

The munchkin was going to go for blue for his cast, but I suggested orange, as he'd have it all during the month of October. He agreed that was a good idea. It matched his shirt for a good photo op too.

So luckily it IS his left hand. And it sounds like it should be a quick healing fracture. We're scheduled to go back in November 1 to get it off. No multiple visits like most of the other breaks the Blackham boys have gone through. I am sad though, Colton was my only unbroken boy.

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