Saturday, October 26, 2013

Miscellaneous Memories

Like Father Like Son

As I've tried to update the blog, I found a few photos that hadn't ever made it onto their own individual blog post. So here's a little catch-up collection to get them in ... In the picture above, Colton came out and proudly announced "I look just like Daddy" and he did!

Gray and I went out on a date and tried to capture the moment with a photo. It took a few tries. That man makes me laugh.

Sorting Socks. As the odd ones come out of the dryer, I just put them in a drawer, and then every couple of months we'll go through and try to match things up. It isn't so much that the dryer eats the socks ... it's the Cooper takes them off all over the house and leaves them laying around.

Tag Trouble
Cooper does NOT like tags.
We moved some of the older boy's shirts into his closet, 
and I had to cut off all the tags.

 A Collection of Cousins
General Conference Sunday ... Addie was the only girl!

Red Ribbon Week ... Nerd Day. Landon fully took part. It was crazy hair day for the munchkins. We added a little color, which made baths that night a little interesting! The middle school is having theirs this week, although I'm not sure Callahan and Keaton will participate (where is their school spirit?!)

There's just a few of the random photos that have been happening at the Blackham home lately!

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