Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This is Halloween

With the Halloween party at school done, it felt a little like Halloween was over ... I had to remind myself that the actual night was still coming up. Landon dressed up in his "chick magnet" costume for school, and then went out with friends in the evening (dressed as a whoopie cushion ... I asked for pictures but he didn't comply). Rather than trying to stomp around in his walking boot, Callahan took the night off and stayed home, helping hand out candy there.  I usually send Grayson on Trick-or-Treat duty with the little boys, but I went ahead and went out with them this year. Keaton went with his friends, and I walked around with Cooper, Colton and their buddy Ridley. Cooper SHOULD have been dressed as The Flash or an Olympic Runner, because he would take off after each house, leaving the other two boys in the dust and struggling to catch up.
Colton's Ninja Stash

Cooper Hulk's Haul

 Super Keaton's Candy

The little boys don't like peanut butter, 
so Callahan and I gladly relieved them of any and all Reeses.

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  1. Loved seeing the kids with their candy booty! They look so proud. Then again, they did work hard for it!


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