Saturday, October 6, 2012


So the other day Grayson asked the boys if they wanted to go to Scheels. What is Scheels? It's a new sporting goods store ... a HUGE sporting goods store, new to the area. Keaton didn't think it sounded interesting enough to go, and I stayed home in the quiet house ... but Daddy and the four other Blackham boys took off to check it out.

There was a very cool aquarium running through the store, 
and Cooper liked this gun display ... I wonder why?

And speaking of guns, there was a fun shooting arcade. Pay $1 and get a certain number of shots, aiming for little targets. If you hit them, then the objects come to life.

Lagoon used to have something just like this, and I remember it being a favorite activity when I was young. As it used light as the trigger, I remember my brothers trying to use a mirror (and sunlight) to set off targets too.

There were more photo ops to get, Grayson said they didn't get through them all. A friend of mine posted on Facebook about their trip to Sheels (the same day my boys were there too!) so I was able to see stuff Gray didn't take a picture of ... but I'm pretty impressed he took as many pictures as he did!

Maybe next time Keaton and I will have to go too ...

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