Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Party Time

Time for the annual HALLOWEEN PARTY at school ... several weeks early, as our kids go off-track. I've been in charge of (or helped with) the school parties for the past several years. This year I'm room mom for Cooper's class. We packed in the fun, having several different activity stations that the kids rotated through. I admit, my games are perhaps a little more commercial (purchased) than some of the other games/crafts out there, but after the initial investment, I haven't had to spend any money on the school parties as they've lasted me for years now. We split the kids into five groups (4-5 kids per group) and rotated them through...
  • Monster Toss: I picked up these darling plush monsters (from Oriental Trading) and the kids stood several feet behind a cauldron that they took turns tossing them into. (Back at home, these little monsters are a favorite for family fights, the boys just pelt each other with them.)
  • Cup Crash: Stack plastic cups into a pyramid, and toss plush pumpkins to knock it down. This has been a favorite activity for many years now. I also helped out in Keaton's class (before Cooper's party) and was asked to bring an activity. I gave Keaton the choice, and one was the one he chose.
  • Bone Bender: Halloween "Twister" ... I picked this up for pretty cheap and wasn't sure it would last more than one party, but it's still going strong (ok, one tear this year, probably because I didn't make the kids take their shoes off, which I should have).
  • PictureEEKa: Our family actually does own the real Pictureka game, but this Halloween version is actually quite a bit more fun, and super easy for a group activity like this. This game was a little expensive upfront (ordered from Amazon) but its been worth it. 
  • Halloween Memory: I thought of making my own set of memory cards ... then decided that was going to be too much work. I picked up this little set of Memory cards from Oriental Trading ... actually it was a dozen sets! I gave away a few. The kids always like memory! 
  • Make a Mummy: After rotating through the activities, we had each group stop and we gave them two rolls of toilet paper. Each group made one person into a mummy. They just had two minutes. This was a favorite activity *Ü*
So one more annual Halloween party down ... it feels like Halloween is over, because the party is. I have to keep reminding myself that the actual holiday is still coming!

Bone Bender



Cooper and his MUMMY crew (above)
The other groups and their made mummies (below)

You know, I had a ton of other fun game ideas and other cute Halloween ideas collected on Pinterest ... so many ideas, so little time!

  • Musical Pumpkins: Gather in a circle, pass around a stuffed pumpkin while music plays. When music stops, individual holding it moves to the "dead spot". If an individual gets caught in the "dead spot" then they are out  (but they could help stop/start the music so no one was just sitting). You'd be surprised at how many funny halloween songs there are out there!
  • Candy Corn Toss: Just like the Monster Toss above ... cheaper alternative. Any type of bucket to toss them into is fine too.
  • Halloween Bingo: I've seen several sets at stores, or you can print this free version from Artsy Fartsy Mamma, or many schools have their own set too.
  • Pop Goes the Pumpkin (Martha Stewart): Blow up a bunch of small orange balloons and fasten them to cardboard in a pumpkin shape. Let the kids throw darts to try and pop the balloons.
  • Balloon Art: Let the kids draw a jack-o-lantern face on orange balloons with a black magic marker. Add paper shapes to turn black balloons into spiders, bats or black cats.
  • Balloon Bop: Arrange the kids in a circle and have them try to keep a balloon constantly in motion, never touching the ground. Add additional balloons to make it harder.
  • Don't Eat Pete: This is a simple but classic game that can easily be changed up for any holiday. I found a darling free printout from The Game Gal
  • More party ideas at One Charming Party and Tip Junkie. There are SO many cute craft ideas too (check out my Halloween Pinterest Board for the ones I was keeping an eye on) ... although I didn't end up doing crafts, just games.   

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