Friday, October 5, 2012

What's Old is New Again

In general, kids watch a lot of TV ... my boys are no exception. What is rather ironic, is that my boys are watching the SAME shows I did when I was their age! Several of the networks bring back older programs, and my kids have actually gotten hooked on several of them. I figure, being 20-30 years old at this point, these shows probably have less objectionable material than what is currently out there. 

I think "Home Improvement" was one of the first ones the boys started watching. Gray and I loved this show when we were first married. We now have the complete series on DVD. The boys then started watching "George Lopez" (which is one I had NOT watched when I was younger), and then after enjoying some Bill Cosby comedy, I suggested the try "The Cosby Show", which was available on Netflix (although I don't see it there now). 

Then Callahan started to say "Whatcho talk'n 'bout Willis?" ... even though he had NO idea where it came from. The first season DVD was fairly inexpensive, so I ordered it. It sat around for several weeks, before I put it in and just started watching it myself. The boys loved it, and laughed and laughed. 

Full House started appearing as re-runs on one of the networks ... I wasn't sure if the boys would like it as much, as it had GIRLS in the children's roles, but they did (especially Callahan, he just thought Michelle was so cute, especially in the third season). I found the DVD sets for just $9 each at Sam's Club, so ... we now have the complete series on DVD. Gray and I came home from a Saturday night date to find both Callahan and Keaton shedding tears in an emotional episode ... Callahan still refuses to watch the final, season 8 finale. Funny!

... while WHAT they are watching is actually the same, HOW kids watch today is so very different! Back in MY day, we could only catch the shows when they aired. No Tivo, DVDs, Netflix ... we didn't even have a VHS recorder  back then! Times are a changing, but I love that some of the old programming still hits home.

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