Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Soccer

Last Spring, Colton played on TWO teams, one with Gene Fullmer (with his buddies Randon and Bradley), and then on a West Jordan Youth Soccer team (filling out Cooper's season when he refused to play). For Fall, we went with West Jordan again (smaller fields, fields closer to home, set game times), with Colton's same team, but Bradley and Randon joined it as well.

 I loved the colors of their uniforms! 
They were the SILVER SNAKES.

For a little extra, you could get iron on names for the back of the shirts ... this picture was on of the first games before I got Colton's name on his ... It was a pretty good season. I'm not sure of the win/loss ratio. Not quite as many goals and runaway wins as Spring. Colton seemed to hang back a bit more, playing more defensively. But he always had fun and really looked forward to his games. The last couple games, the weather had turned a bit chilly, so I was ready for soccer season to suspend until Spring.

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