Saturday, February 10, 2001

Stand Up Comedy

I think Bill Cosby was the original comic I ever listened to. I remember putting on a record in my brother's room. Chicken Heart, Labor&Delivery, The Dentist ... so many of his jokes then ended up part of "The Cosby Show" which, thanks to Netflix, the kids are now familiar with.

Other fellows who make us laugh are ...

Brian Reagan: He's probably our favorite comic. Clean enough for the kids too. We caught his act a few years ago when he came to Utah. 

Jim Gaffigan: Gray and I have watched his specials and DVDs and also caught him on tour. He's know for Hot Pockets and Bacon ... I posted his bowling bit on one of my other posts.

Jeff Dunham: This guy is unique in that he uses ventriloquism! He has a number of puppets ... he has a bit of minor language. We say him in concert ... I wasn't too impressed with him there, I think he was drunk!

John Pinette: Most of his jokes have to do with his size (he's a big boy) and food. This little Gluten clip hit home because of Celiac Disease running in our family ...

Mike Birbiglia: We stumbled upon this fellow on Netflix and he made us laughed a lot. (For the more sensitive audiences, he does have a bit of language and inappropriate material, but this clip is clean). 

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