Friday, April 9, 2010

Sick Day

Cooper started it ... on Monday, he started looking a little green around the gills. I gave him "the bucket" and settled him in the "sick spot" on the couch. Sure enough, he threw up. I wasn't sure if it was too much Easter candy the days before, or if it was the flu bug.

Everything was fine on Tuesday ... Wednesday was the sick day. I had run Landon to school and was about to run the elementary kids, when Keaton complained of a stomach ache. I decided to let him rest for a couple hours (I could always take him at 11:30 when I picked up kindergarten) and ran the other boys to school. When I got back ... he had thrown up.

Then I got a call from Landon ... back to the school to pick him up. Now ... I have two dedicated "barf buckets" ... so one is always available while the other is being emptied. Usually they aren't both in use at once. As Keaton was already in the "sick spot", Landon had to make due with the other side of the couch.

Then, another call from the school ... Callahan. Luckily, his call coincided with kindergarten pickup, so I was able to grab him when I was going to the school anyway to pick up Cooper. And of course Colton decided to join in on the "fun", rolling on the ground saying HIS tummy hurt.

It was pretty miserable. I've never seen Landon so sick, but he really took it like a man. Callahan is a moaner ... now I actually can't even remember when any of the other kids have been sick, but this is old hat for Callahan. I have tons of Callahan puke stories. Keaton wasn't too bad ... he threw up a few times, but it was the other end that gave him problems (sorry, gross!). Baby ended up barfing a couple times too. He even managed to understand the use of "the bucket" (btw, I had to pull out my cleaning buckets to have enough to go around ... Colton ended up using a small sand pail I had gotten him for Easter). Poor baby fell asleep holding it - being sick is exhausting!
Cooper was ok, but he seemed lost ... he just kept wandering around, wanting his brothers to interact with him in some way, but they were all too sick. Daddy would call or email from work for updates ... he wasn't sure if he dared come home into this smelly germ nest.

It's amazing what a difference a day makes. Thursday ... although there were a few lingering aches from yesterday (headache, backache, sore throat) the kids all went to school and sports. Time for loads of laundry (towels and blankets) and a last wash and disinfect of the buckets.

I've wondered if there was ever a category on Family Feud ... other terms for "vomiting" ... there are a lot (barf, puke, throw up, ralph ... just to name a few). And do other families use Sprite or 7-Up as a rehydrating beverage? It seems it was almost medication to soothe an upset stomach as I grew up. Cooper calls it "tickle juice" because the carbonation bubbles get into his nose. We went through an entire 2-liter bottle.

It makes you grateful for your health!

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  1. Addie is the worst at throwing up. She HATES it- and she does not like us to keep a bowl or anything near her because she thinks it means she's going to throw up. It's lovely. At least she usually starts to cry or get upset right before it happens so we can usually try to be prepared! Glad they all got feeling better quickly!


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