Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ping Pong Players

A few months ago, we took down the small basketball hoop in the basement (it had gotten pretty trashed). This opened the room up quite a bit ... enough for a ping pong table? During our dating days, Gray and I played quite a bit of ping pong. When moved into our first house, we bought a table and played almost daily. Lots of fond ping pong memories ... and I got to thinking it was time to make some more.

While I was still pondering the possibility, one of my boys challenged me to a ping pong game while at my parents house. I was surprised that all three of the older boys were worthy opponents! This increased my desire for a ping pong table, as I would have plenty of partners and I figured it would get used.

It took a bit of cleaning and rearranging to make room, but I did it ... and my birthday was coming up. Usually, I never have much to say when I'm asked what I want for my birthday. I'm spoiled, I have pretty much everything I want, much less need. But this year ... I wanted a ping pong table. I got a ping pong table. Happy birthday to me!

It has gotten a lot of use. With enough practice, maybe the boys can even beat Grandpa one day!

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