Friday, November 25, 2011

School Success!

Good job Blackham Boys! Landon is pretty good about coming home and getting on assignments and homework. I do get the email updates from the school and check in on his progress on Skyward, and I do have to nag him occasionally. Very happy he made the honor roll, and the school mailed out this nice certificate.

I was always a very studious worker when I was in school, but the elusive 4.0 seemed always just out of my grasp (until my senior year in high school anyway). Callahan achieved it his first quarter in middle school! He was also honored at the school with the TripleCrown award (4.0, Perfect attendance:no absences, no tardies, and all Honors in citizenship) ... just 32 kids in the whole school could claim that (yet several of the others earning the award are his good friends, glad he has good, smart friends!).

Great first quarter in your new schools Blackham Boys!
Keep up the good work!

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