Sunday, November 20, 2011

Birthday Bashes

During November, we had TWO birthday bashes ... one on the Westra side, one on the Blackham side. There are a LOT of birthdays. On the Westra side, it was for Adria, Grandma, me, Gray and Rick. Alicia had her new little baby boy just a couple weeks after the party (on Grayson's birthday), so there's one more!

On the Blackham side, it was for a little more than just November birthdays ... Rex, Will and Olivia actually fell in the end of October. November birthdays were me, Gray, Addie and Ana ... and Maga even put Colton's name on the cake, figuring that his birthday would probably get overlooked in the Christmas celebrations come December ...

Another year older and wiser too, right?

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