Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall Ball 2011

So the Fall season of basketball has come to an end. There were a few changes to Callahan's team ... playing in the 7th/8th grade division, Mason and Tyler (two now 9th graders) who had played with us during the summer were now too old. We also lost Mason (and Rowland) to a different team (we really missed them ... especially when we had to play AGAINST them, that game being our only loss of the season). We gained Brighton, Haydon and Luis. Tanner started the season but then decided to leave the team, so we played with nine for the remaining games.

Keaton enjoyed playing on Steve's team again, his third season with Max, Jonathon and Tanner. There were other familiar faces and a couple new friends he hadn't played with before. They had a good season, 5 wins and 3 losses.

I made videos of all the games, you can see them on the Basketball Blog. I also took all of just Keaton's Clips and compiled them into one video recap ... here are his highlights.

Junior Jazz starts in December .... it will be busy! Landon will be reffing, and all four younger boys are signed up to play. I hope we don't have too many scheduling conflicts. Not sure what we'll do if we happen to have FOUR games scheduled at one time! For the past two years, Callahan has played on a Superleague team (another game and a couple practices a week) but that fell through this year ... but then the local high school (CopperHills, where Callahan is planning on attending) held tryouts, creating three 7th grade teams to play in a high school prep league ... Callahan was thrilled to make the top team. We'll keep you updated as basketball begins *Ü*

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