Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sunday Shifts

So with the new year, comes the annual change in church times. We just came off the 11:00 slot, which I know is a favorite for most, moving to the 1:00, which many dread. Me? I actually prefer it! I have NOT been great about cooking family dinners, but on Sunday, every single week, we have Belgian waffles (now labeled Sunday Circles I even did a post about it previously). I also like to sleep in, and get a morning workout ... it's a little hard to do all three with the 11:00 schedule. The 9:00 schedule was ok, we'd just do the big breakfast after church, but the 1:00 makes for a nice, relaxing morning, which is needed ONCE a week. So while others may lament at the late schedule, I for one am enjoying it.

There were also changes for the kids. Cooper is now in SENIOR primary! Can you believe that? This little boy is growing up TOO fast. It seems like just yesterday that the moment the prayer was finished in Sacrament meeting, a wail (loud enough for the entire congregation to hear) would come pouring out of his mouth "I want to go home". He had such a hard time in nursery, but a patient Sunbeam teacher made good inroads, and he's been so good these last few years. I just can't believe he's in SENIOR primary now. I've got three in there ... at least for a couple months until Callahan turns 12 and moves on to young men's (which he is anxiously awaiting). He didn't change classes, but now Keaton is in that same class (the older boys)! There wasn't a lot of change for Colton, he is even keeping his same teacher (one of them anyway, he had two switching off).

Time to take the tree down! The picture above was actually taken the Sunday after Christmas (still December), before we went to my brother's ward for a baby blessing. Landon took the opportunity to NOT wear a white shirt ... and that is the only time he will wear that shirt, because after one washing ... it's now in Keaton's closet! The shrinkage skipped Callahan completely. I'm glad I have multiple boys to pass clothes down to *Ü*


  1. We have 1:30 church, and I was dreading it, but I have to say Sunday went so smooth for us.. Maybe it will be a blessing in disguise for us... Love the family pic.. :)

  2. You work out on Sunday? It's a day of rest!!
    Janelle moved to Senior Primary too -- wow! Glad someone likes the afternoon church. I liked coming home two hours earlier and having the rest of the day. Cute picture!!


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