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Cute Quotes

*** Cute Quotes ***

This will be a post in progress ... just a central spot to put those cute things the kids say. The ones you think you'll remember, but you don't. I'm sure I'm missing a million funny statements said and forgotten, but hopefully with this blog I'll stop and record them as they happen from now on:

  • (April 2018) Sunday breakfast and Dad said it was such a nice day he was going to go eat outside. Colton commented that it was raining. I told him it was just the sprinkler. Then Colton said "Well, it's SPRINKLING" and I laughed and he gave a little bow and said "bad puns by Colton" ... I laughed more. 
  • (March 2018) Cooper's recent words ... "bet" "jinx" "ooph" and "oofenboofer" and "begadah" ... I have no idea what a "begedah" is or how it should be used, but Cooper and Cal are keeping track and exchanging "begadahs". The other day Cooper told Callahan "I give you 30 begadahs" and proceeded to say "begadah" 30 times. Then he looked a little sad and said "I have no b.... I can't even say it because I have none left." Callahan gave him seven back the next day and they've been exchanging more ever since. If I say it, they get mad and say mine are counterfeit. Silly boys!
  • (Febraury 2018) In loving brother fashion, Callahan turned to Keaton and said "You're ugly" to which Keaton replied "Do you know what is funny? People say we look alike!"
  • (January 2018) The boys love to play "basketball" with a small hoop and ball in the family room. It gets crazy. It is not allowed when Daddy is home. One evening Callahan tossed the ball in the hoop and Cooper said "no basketball, Dad is home" and I said "he actually gone to a derby" ... and basketball insanity ensued immediately. 
  • (January 2018) Landon was trying on some jeans passed down to him from a friend. They fit around the waist, but were a little long. I told him "why don't you just grow a couple inches" to which Landon replied "You just needed to get me better jeans" ... I again teased "No, just grow" to which he clarified "I need better GENES..."
  • (January 2018) Callahan had ordered a sweatshirt for Cooper for Christmas ... when I brought the mail in and there was a package from the NBA Store, Cooper said "Hey, that's my present! I want to open it."  I told him to text Cal and see if that was okay. Cooper came up a bit later wearing the new sweatshirt. I asked him if he'd contacted Callahan and he said "yes" and then I said "and he said it was okay for you to open it huh?" and Cooper said "no" ... but he was kidding, Callahan had been fine with it. But his deadpan response while wearing the sweatshirt made me laugh. 
  • (December 2017) After Colton's birthday, I'd cut the remaining ice cream cake into large pieces and frozen them. Callahan commented on how big the pieces were and I told him "You don't have to eat the whole thing" but he had already replied "Challenge accepted!"
  • (November 2017) I came home from running some errands to find the front door locked. When I realized #1 had left, and #5 was home alone, I was glad that the boys had thought to lock the door. When I mentioned it to #5 he said "I was alone? I didn't know that!" Oblivious, playing Minecraft on the computer. When I mentioned it to #1 he said "Oh he was home? I didn't think anyone was!" ...Hmmm!
  • (November 2017) "What does it mean when McDougal's Funeral home sends you swag?" ... that was Grayson's question when we received a calendar from them in the mail. 
  • (October 2017) Keaton complained that his paycheck didn't seem to add up to his hourly wage + hours ... I explained taxes to him and we ended up chatting about finances for over an hour. As Keaton asked what would happen if you did NOT pay taxes, I mentioned how that is what got Al Capone imprisoned when nothing else would stick. The very next day in one of Keaton's classes, a teacher was talking about Capone and asked "Does anyone know what it was that finally lead to his arrest and imprisonment?"  Keaton knew!
  • (April 2017) Keaton was craving omlets and Gray gave him a quick cooking lesson. A few days later, Keaton prepped his breakfast and announced "This is the best omlet I've ever made" ... it was his second one.
  • (April 2017) Little Cousin Amare was invited over for a family get-together. Ana said he was so excited and said "I can't wait to see my cousin ... what's his name? The one with the girlfriend Kate!" (Callahan) *Ü*
  • (March 2017) "Look, I have a Big Mac" ... statement by Colton after he got the large Mac laptop at school. ;)
  • (December 2016) During a bad allergic reaction to cashews, Keaton (a little Benedryl drunk) sighed "Remember earlier tonight? When I was in the hot tub, and NOT having an allergy attack? Good times."
  • (November 2016) A little construction in the neighborhood removed a few sections of sidewalk for replacement. With a tarp and cones over it, Colton pointed it out as we drove by and asked "What are they doing there? Burying a body?"
  • (November 2016) Callahan walked into the kitchen one afternoon and paraded in front of me. I just looked at him. He flipped his (short!) hair and said "I got my hair cut and you don't even notice!). 
  • (October 2016) Out and about with Keaton at the wheel, getting those driving hours in. Across my playlist comes the song "Car Crash" by Matt Nathanson. Keaton mutters to me "I don't think that song is appropriate right now" ... ;)
  • (October 2016) Keaton is reading "To Kill a Mockingbird" for school, and I'm reading it too, so we can discuss it together (he actually asked me to do this!). Just finished chapter 11 and went over some words K wasn't sure about ... wrathful, apoplectic, philippic, umbrage, interdict, tirade, cantankerous. After going over the definitions, Keaton said "well that was an ANGRY chapter, wasn't it?!"
  • (September 2016) Prepping lunches in the morning before school, I'd washed grapes and bagged some up. Callahan walked by and grabbed some then turned to me and asked "are these breakfast grapes?" I hadn't heard of breakfast grapes previously, but I assured him that yes, they were fine to eat for breakfast. :)
  • (September 2016) A conversation from our kitchen ...
  • Keaton: I want some bananas and Nutella, but we don't have any bananas :(
    Me: Yes we do, they are on the table.
    Keaton: But YOU said we have no bananas!
    Me: No I didn't
    Keaton: Yes you did
    Me: Did I sing it? There's a song like that, I guess I might have sung that without thinking about it.
    Keaton: Seriously, there is a song that says "we have no bananas?" What kind of stupid song is that?
  • (August 2016) I was switching the fish (cleaning/changing the bowl) and as I lifted the beta out of the water, the little plant was sticking to the net. I took a moment to unhook it while the fish was out of water and Keaton yelled "Mom, you are air-drowning him!"
  • (July 2016) Cooper showed me a cool basketball he wanted to buy with his saved spending money. I looked it up online, and pointed out that it was pre-order only, and wouldn't be shipped for another month. "then no" ... my kids and immediate gratification (they take after their father!)
  • (July 2016) Keaton had gone to the gym for some basketball, and headed to the shower after. He admitted to me ... "I haven't taken a shower in a couple days. I didn't need to, because I wasn't active over the weekend, and I didn't want to, because my hair was AWESOME."
  • (July 2016) Daddy was smoking brisket, and it was taking F.O.R.E.V.E.R... he ended up picking up some PandaExpress for the boys to eat. Cooper said "this is to fill the void" until the brisket finished up (which didn't happen until around 11:00 that night!).
  • (June 2016) After a tragic loss of their spring basketball championship, Colton was having a bit of a tough time keeping his emotions in check. I tried to bring up other things to cheer him up, and thought I had been successful ... until I heard the sniffling start again. I said "oh no, you'd stopped crying, you can't start up again!" and he said "actually I never really stopped crying." Poor, funny kid. 
  • (May 2016) We've been having issues with our wi-fi lately. It will say we're connected, but nothing will update. Cooper announced "We have lie-fi ... it SAYS we have WiFi but it's a LIE".
  • (April 2016) While the Blackham Boys don't LOVE school, then know it's important and hard to make up if they miss. Grayson keeps threatening to take them to Disneyland or something, and they all say they can't miss school. Even the elementary kids are stubborn about it ... much to Grayson's chagrin! In prep for an upcoming summer trip, everyone needs passports, and it does require a daytime visit and Daddy told the boys that Friday he was checking them out of school early for the appointment. Colton looked concerned and asked what time exactly, Gray told him (1:30 on a Friday, which is early out at the elementary). Colton carefully considered and then said "Okay, I guess that will work". 
  • (April 2016. Grayson) A meat smoker recently joined our family, and Grayson has been trying it out for our Sunday dinners. Ribs, then pulled pork, and many more items to try. Being his new baby, he keeps it in the garage, rather than out in the weather. After a day of cooking, the smell of smoke lingers in the garage. When Gray commented that he still goes out and smells the smoke, I mentioned I do too, every time I go into the garage. Gray came back with "No, I mean I actually go lift the lid and stick my head in the smoker!"
  • (March 2016. Keaton) Wheat bread is making a bit of a comeback in our home. Hubs has been improving his eating, and Callahan decided to as well (he specifically asked me to buy some wheat bread). I mentioned it was healthier to Cooper, and he switched. I asked Keaton if I should make his sandwich with wheat bread ... he responded "um, no, that is NOT going to happen". Unfortunately, he  and I are alike in our white bread loving ways!
  • (January 2016) Conversation in the car ...
    Cooper: You better not have told your friends to laugh during my Shakespeare play today!
    Colton: Naw ... I DID tell them to mock you at the science fair, but then the teacher said if she caught anyone teasing she would pull four cards! So I was like "abort plan, abort plan!"
  • (December 2015) Conversation in the kitchen ...
    Mommy: Thanks for unloading the dishwasher Colton.
    Colton: No problem.
    Mommy: Well, it seemed like a bit of a problem since I had to ask you three times to do it.
    Colton: Well then ... "You're welcome"
  • (November 2015) After a recent haircut, I mentioned to Colton that he looked very cute that day. He responded with "I always look cute!" When I laughed a little, he said "Well ... it's a fact!"
  • (July 2015, Keaton) In Landon's latest letter, he mentioned playing Uno one day. Keaton asked "So if they are playing Uno in Spanish, when they only have one card do they say "ONE" instead of Uno?"
  • (July 2015, Keaton) As Landon's cell phone was now the "family phone" it would usually be around in the kitchen/family area somewhere. But then, it was gone. I hadn't even realized when it went missing, I tried calling it, but at that point the battery had died. After an exhaustive search over several days, I finally told the boys "okay, whoever can find Landon's phone gets $20".  Five minutes later, Keaton had found the phone (fallen deep into the couch) and said "I guess I just needed a little motivation."
  • (July 2015, Maga) Gray's mom had come over to visit, and we were out back watching the ducks swim in the pool. I mentioned how Grayson had purchased goldfish just the other day, and put them in the pool for the ducks to eat. Maga had an "oh dear" expression on her face and murmured "poor little fishies" .... immediately followed by a devilish look and the question "so, do you have any fishies?"  
  • (June 2015, Cooper) As Landon left on his mission, we turned his iphone into the "family phone" as we cancelled our home service. As Cooper and Colton had started wanting to go to the local park for some basketball, I'd have them take the phone with them, so we could easily and immediately talk if needed. I was a little caught off guard one day when I received an incoming text from Landon Blackham saying "I'm done, can you come pick me up?" Landon was done? He wanted pickup? Then logic stepped in and I realized it was from Cooper, at the park. I had to change the contact information after that though ...
  • (June 2015, Cooper) As we were hit with a storm, and thunder and lightening ensued, Cooper was struggling and earnestly inquired "how is it that EVERYONE isn't afraid of storms?" ... he just can't comprehend not being afraid :( 
  • (June 2015, Colton) I'd invited my folks over for dinner and games, but my brother Shane and his kids were already visiting Grandma and Grandpa that night. When I told the boys why the grandparents weren't able to come over, Colton said "Well they can just leave!"
  • (May 2015. Callahan) I make lunch for the boys every school day, and as a while back, Grayson got sick of sandwiches, I've tried to mix things up with Callahan. Different meats, then different cheeses (colby jack or provolone instead of the usual cheddar). I asked him if there were any combinations he liked or didn't like and his response was "There were different cheeses?"
  • May 2015 Colton) ... this one requires a picture, and is more an auto-correct funny than a quote ... but it probably WILL be quoted quite a bit in the future! (He meant "Skookie")

  • (May 2015. Cooper) It was Mother's Day, and Cooper came to me and said "Now, you don't have to do this today, because it's Mother's Day, but my laundry needs doing. You can do it tomorrow."
  • (April 2015. Callahan) I am completely spoiled by our nice home gym in our basement. Usually I'm the only one really using it, but this Spring Callahan and his buddies have been coming over and working out a lot. Once, I was in on the elliptical when Callahan walked in and saw me there, he commented "Oh, well, go ahead, take your time..."  Why thank you for your permission Callahan!
  • (March 2015. Gray ) I was unloading the dishwasher, and commented that the new scoops I'd purchased seemed to be getting used a lot. I mentioned out loud that I was happy someone liked them, that I didn't tend to use them, I just used a spoon ... to which Grayson commented "as you eat straight out of the ice cream container, right?" Okay, yes, I do that.
  • (Feb 2015. Callahan) Callahan had his 16th birthday, and I teased him that he needed to learn how to drive a shift stick. He objected and said "Mom, by the time I'm 40 they won't even make cars with a stick! Cars will be levitating!"  ...hmmm, we will see!
  • (Fall 2014. Colton) The little boys helped out at a derby and in addition to Grayson's payment, the guys in charge gave the little boys a tip. Colton told me excitedly "I got a tax at the derby!" ummm... ok, that's almost the opposite!
  • (Fall 2014. Grayson) The Container Store opened up at Fashion Place Mall. Gray went to check it out. He came home and said "I think I might be gay. I just went to The Container Store and it was fabulous."
  • (Summer 2014 Cooper) The boys were playing Monopoly. I asked Cooper why he didn't join in. He said "I played Monopoly once. It didn't end well."
  • (Summer 2014. Landon) It was Saturday morning and Landon went into his little brother's bedroom to wake them up. He said (in a "Frozen" voice) ... "the sun is awake, so I am awake, so it's time to play!" So cute!
  • (January 2014. Landon) Landon insisted he was DONE with reffing this year. Both Jr. Jazz and churchball (for the young women). Then one afternoon he gathered up his whistle and got dressed in his ref shirt and I said "I thought you weren't going to ref this year" to which he shook his head and said "I just couldn't say no to Sister Maxfield". I've gotten so many compliments on his confidence, professionalism, and how well he works with the girls ... although he did have to make cookies to try to make up a bad call to a gal in our ward who refused to talk to him for a few days after one of the games :)
  • (January 2014. Colton) At Colton's baptism, he was struggling a little with the top button getting back into his suit. Gray asked him if he needed some help. Colton continued trying for another minute, succeeded, showed Gray the buttoned shirt and said "What do you think?"
  • (April 2013 Colton) Colton came in looking sad and said "My head hurts" so I asked him if he needed some medicine. Then he said "It's actually my arm that hurts."
  • (April 2013 Colton) The word "drunk" came up, and Colton asked "Is that when someone has too much oatmeal and then is silly and stupid?" 
  • (March 2013 Colton) I told the boys I was making toasted cheese sandwiches for dinner ... Colton sighed and said "I wanted GRILLED cheese sandwiches".  (I told him they were the same thing, so he was happy after all). On another note ... apparently grilled cheese sandwiches MUST be cut diagonally into triangles. I cut some across into rectangles and no one would eat them!
  • (March 2013 Cooper) Watching the Top20 Countdown (videos) the host was showing memorable places in Boston. One featured was "Ye Old Union Oyster House" established in 1826. Cooper turned to me and said "that is OLD, that's why it's called "Ye Old" .... and as some of the clips are truncated, Cooper noted "this one is a short one" as one video was getting a shortened viewing. But as it continued a little longer than usual he said "this is a LONG short one!"
  • (February 2013 Colton) As the flu struck, the kids had almost no appetite. I would ask them if ANYTHING sounded good and would try to oblige. When I asked Colton, he said "You know what sounds good? A Pluot." the kids school they introduce them to new fruits and veggies as part of a healthy kid campaign. Unfortunately, I did not have a pluot on hand. 
  • (December 2012 Cooper) Colton had been sick for a week with a high fever. The other boys got the thermometer and took their temperatures. Colton's had been high (at 103.8° at one point) and I told them normal was 98.6°. Cooper said sadly "I must have a cold." When I asked him why, he explained that the thermometer only said 97° for him, so obviously a LOWER reading meant COLD ...
  • (December 2012 Colton) After being sick for almost an entire week during mid-December, I asked Colton if he was going to be better by his birthday, which was quickly approaching. He said "Even if I am still sick, I am still turning seven!"
  • (November 2012 Cooper) With all the election talk, Cooper was originally for Obama, but switched his loyalty to Romney after his brothers convinced him. As the results were being televised and they showed Romney winning Utah, Cooper cheered "Romney is the president of Utah!"
  • (October 2012 Cooper/Colton) We have a small, over the door basketball hoop in the family room, and the boys are always shooting. I overheard Cooper saying "now HERE is my 7th sweet spot" and Colton shot and exclaimed "I swooshed it from even not one of my sweet spots!"
  • (October 2012 Landon) Walking past the kitchen sink, Landon scowled and quickly ran the disposal as he muttered "I hate it when the dishwasher makes the sink throw up" (does YOUR dishwasher do that?) 
  • (September 2012 Colton) Now that he is in 1st grade, Colton gets lunch at school. One day, he asked if I had a cold pack to add to his lunch from home ... "because it is COLD lunch" he pointed out *Ü* I did have one, I told him I had stopped sending them with his big brothers, because the they kept accidentally throwing them away as they dumped their lunch garbage. When he got home from school, I asked for the ice pack to put back in the freezer, Colton looked a bit sheepish and said "I accidentally throwed it away" ...
  • (September 2012 Landon)  Landon came to me and asked "you like miss me, don't you?" ... I wasn't sure how I was supposed to miss him, as he was standing right there ... and he usually does NOT talk like a valley girl. He was asking if I liked the song "Miss Me" by Andy Grammer *Ü* The boys will often try to get me to like a certain song, so that I will buy it, rather than making them spend their own hard earned cash on it.  It reminded me of when my niece Janika asked if I had the popular song from Wicked ... not being familiar with the soundtrack, I wasn't sure which song was the most popular ...oh, the title IS "Popular" (I am NOW very familiar with the Wicked soundtrack, and the "popular" song).
  • (August 2012 Callahan) After having several scouting activities in one week, I asked if he was overwhelmed with them all. He replied "It's ok, after Saturday my Life will be done."
  • (August 2012 Cooper) Grayson brought home some gourmet cookies, one being a snickerdoodle. As Cooper went to eat it he asked "Does it have Snickers in it?"
  • (June 2012 Cooper) While working on a school assignment about shapes, Cooper asked me what one was ... we counted the sides, there were eight. I said an OCTopus has eight legs, so ... and immediately he figured out that the shape was an octagon. Then he thought a moment and asked "so is OCTober" the 8th month of the year?"  
  • (May 2012 Cooper) We had gone out to breakfast, and Cooper looked at his plate with pancakes, bacon and hash browns and said "Hmmmm, I'm missing something ... the smashed eggs!" (he meant "scrambled"). *Ü*
  • (May 2012 Colton) As he played the Ipad before school, he suddenly stopped and put it down and stated "Well, I stand corrected ... I said I wouldn't be able to get the green fish, but I did!"
  • (April 2012 Colton) Cooper has been quite fascinated with coins, looking them up and even buying some on ebay with Daddy. Colton came to be and told me he was saving his money to buy a coin to Cooper for his birthday. He then said "there's one for $10, buy it now and free shipping!" ~ he's got the vernacular down!
  • (March2012 Colton) I got this text from a friend who volunteers in the kindergarten classroom ... "So cute story about Colton today while I was helping. They were writing a sentence about what their dads do. Colton asked me how to spell "jwive"...his dad "jwives" he said. It took me a moment to realize he meant "drive". Cute guy. When we sounded it out together he put his hands on his head and says, "OH! DrrrrrrrIVE!" and laughed. :)"
  • (Feb2012 Cooper) Cooper said he didn't want "chicken in a pillow" for hot lunch ... he meant "pigs in a blanket" ...
  • (Feb2012 Cooper) While watching the Superbowl, the ref threw a flag and Cooper innocently asked "is this FLAG football?"
  • (December 2011, Callahan) The song "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" came on the radio and Callahan "Christmas isn't the most wonderful time, basketball season is" ... then he added "I guess they happen at the same time though" ... another funny, although not a quote per say. We have a white board where I write down the things I need to pick up at the store. The kids will often add items they WANT me to pick up. I looked at it, and there on the list was "Indoor Basketball Court" .... hmmmm, I'd actually LOVE that, but ...
  • (November 2011, Jen) "I should be a Lego surgeon, the little boys are always coming to me to help them reattach the little dude's arms ..."
  • (November 2011, Keaton) After spending some time with Dad at the work site, Keaton commented "Dad talked to some of the workers there in SBO" ... at my confused look he explained ... "that's how you say "Spanish" IN Spanish"  Ahhhhhh ... "español" ...
  • (November 2011 Colton) "I used to have a dog, but it was before I was born" ... watching old home movies when Landon was little and we did have a dog ...
  • (November 2011, Landon) As I picked him up from school, Landon noticed Colton wasn't in his usual spot in the car and inquired where he was. I said he was at a playdate with three other 5-year olds at Chick-Fila. Landon replied "Why wasn't I invited to this party?" He would have been welcome! The little 5-year olds LOVE Landon!
  • (November 2011, Cooper) "I like Fridays, if you can make it through lunch, you can make it through the day"
  • (October 2011, Colton) "I think I'm addicted to the Ipad" ... and I think that is true!
  • (October 2011, Cooper) I had a single rosebud garnished with baby's breath in a vase. Cooper looked at all the little white buds and commented "I've never seen SO many flowers"
  • (October 2011, Colton) As we put out a few Fall/Halloween decorations, Colton was NOT impressed. He said "I wish there was just a button we could push and the whole house would be decorated with ghosts and spiderwebs and Halloween stuff." ... maybe if there WAS such a button I would actually decorate!
  • (September 2011, Keaton) As we struggle with Cooper's anxiety, we are encouraged by any small success. As Cooper willingly went to scouts one afternoon, I voiced my relief and happiness that he had gone without tears or complaint. Keaton replied "yes, they grow up so fast".
  • (July 2011, Colton) Belgian Waffles are a family favorite. As I gave Cooper his, I asked if he wanted a whole one (complete circle) or just a half. He said he wanted a half. Colton asked him "a whole half, or a quarter of a whole half?"
  • (June 2011, Colton) "Did you hear me burp Mom?" ... I had NOT heard a burp, and told Colton that. To which he replied "Then I guess I don't have to say excuse me!"
  • (May 2011, Colton) Colton slipped and bumped his head. Maga, not sure what he had hit it against asked him where he had bumped it, he replied "on my HEAD!"
  • (May 2011, Cooper) We were discussing "sloppy joes" ... we've never had them for dinner as a family, so Cooper didn't know what they were. I explained they were like a hamburger, only with messier meat. Callahan piped in that it was more like chili than hamburger. Cooper then asked me if you ate them cold. I replied that no, they would be warm. He then asked "then why would they be chilly?"
  • (April 2011, Cooper) Someone must have told Cooper to "chill" ... because he came and asked me what that meant exactly. I told him it mean to calm down, relax. He thought that over and said, "That's what I tried to do when I broke my arm, I tried to chill."
  • (September 2010, Colton) Colton was tired of Cooper telling him what to do. He turned to him and said "YOU are not the boss of me .... Daddy is."
  • (September 2010, Landon) It doesn't matter what he got in trouble for ... but Landon was grounded, unfortunately on a night when he had made plans with friends. He actually said "It's no fair to ground me when there's somewhere I want to go!"
  • (September 2010, Colton) Mom and Colton had gone out to Grandma and Grandpa's during the day. Mom and Grandma went out to lunch while Grandpa tended Colton. When Mom asked Colton how it went he said "Well, it was kind of scary ... we were downstairs alone, just me and Grandpa ... and I thought there might be ZOMBIES ..."
  • (August 2010, Callahan) After reading the Percy Jackson series, heard Callahan say to a friend "I am a demi-god, my true father is Micheal Jordan, God of Basketball!"
  • (June 2010, Colton) I've been derelict in teaching my youngest about jokes ... knock knock jokes in particular. A little friend TRIED to tell one to Colton. The friend would say "Knock knock" with absolutely no response from Colton. The friend tried again ... still silence. The friend tried one more time, to which Colton turned to him and said "this is NOT a door!"
  • (February 2010, Landon) We'd gone out to a restaurant for a family breakfast and Landon didn't finish his bacon. He said he only likes MOM's bacon. Grayson commented "It's just pig and salt, it's all the same" to which Landon replied "Mom's bacon is pig and salt and LOVE."
  • (July 2009, Colton) We were camping with our travel trailer. Colton was not able to open the door to get in. He would walk up to the door and then announce in a loud voice "Ding dong the door!" ... it worked *Ü*
  • (June 2009, Cooper) Keaton had made a little bird feeder at scouts, and brought home an extra bag of birdseed. When I told Cooper it was birdseed, he asked "If we plant it, will it grow birds?"
  • (March 2009, Colton) One day when I didn't give Colton the desired response to a question he asked, he cried and told me "Mommy, you are making my eyeballs sad!"
  • (March 2009, Cooper) As we were working to get Cooper potty trained, at Grandma's house, she rewarded him with M&Ms when he went while there. Back at home, Cooper said "I want to go back to Grandma's house, poop in her potty and get some M&Ms!"
  • (February 2009, Keaton) Keaton was unloading the dishwasher. He came across a turkey baster and didn't know where it went (we don't use it very often). He asked if it went in one of the drawers where we keep the kitchen utensils ... or in the MEDICINE drawer ... it DOES look like the little dispensers I use to give the little ones medication.
  • (December 2008, Callahan) After signing up for Jr. Jazz basketball, Callahan pondered "I wonder what they call kids basketball in California ... Little Lakers?"
  • (September 2008, Cooper) "Do you want to take a hug of me?"
  • (June 2006, Keaton) We had a travel trailer we used for camping. We weren't really in the market, but stopped at an RV center to look at some of the new, nicer ones available (and boy were they nice ... you can't really call it camping!) As we were done, Keaton innocently asked "so which one are we going to get?"
  • (June 2006, Callahan) While shopping at the store, I picked up some Western Family products, Callahan looked confused and said "I didn't know Grandma and Grandpa Westra made those" ... Westra Family brand!

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