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Callahan's Weekly Reports (2011)

BLOGS go BACKWARD ... so do these entries ... to read them in chronological order, start at the bottom and read up ... *Ü*

1225 (Sunday) So today was Christmas. I got a ripstick which was the thing that I think was the best. The Nike socks I got were really good, too. The ripstick is so much smaller. I also got the 1st and 2nd season of George Lopez. I also got a TON of Skittles and Starbursts. The first NBA games were today. The Celtics lost by 2 which made Landon and Keaton mad. The Bulls won by one to the Lakers which is the best!  The new Clippers play the Golden State Warriors and they will probably win.

1218 (Sunday) On Sunday we went to Maga’s and played the candy bar game. I love the candy bar game. I got 10 dollars in the envelope. I also got Mike and Ikes. On Saturday we lost because Cody and I were off. I got elbowed in the face and I got the foul. I wish our school was out. The Jordan School district is so weird!

1127 (Sunday) So Brian’s team asked me to be in a AAU tournament with them. I did and we went 2 and 1. We never really “lost” a game. Our “first” game that we had no idea about it because of the schedule was messed up. We might have been in the finals if we could’ve played them and won. It was still fun. I will also play on their Jr. Jazz team. 3 games a day on Saturday starting this week.

1121 (Monday) Practice today! Ya Buddy! Basketball is the best sport ever. At school I’m getting famous for paracord. I’m gonna bring all the paracord bracelets that I don’t wear and sell them. I’ll make a bit of mula! I’m still addicted to ping pong. I’m getting way good and I almost beat mother! But I still have a long way to go.

1114 (Monday) We got Modern Warfare 3 a couple days ago. It is the best!  I made the A-Team in Copper Hills basketball. I have practice today. I can’t wait! I want to see how my coach coaches. School started again on Monday, I missed the weekend. Also the little kids went back to school. HAHAHAHA!

1106 (Sunday) Ping pong is the best! or should I call it table tennis. My mom is talking about getting one. It would be the best! We would kiss that foosball table goodbye. We had our last basketball game on Saturday We lost  by 9. It was against Mason and Rowland. I wish they were on our team still. Mason made at least 8 threes in the 4th quarter. It was a sad day.  I still did well though. Mason is an up and down person with me in basketball.

1029 (Sunday) I did after school hockey on Thursday before open gym. It sucked! I got hit in the hand by this older kid. On Saturday I had another game, it was against Steve’s team. We won by 30 I think. Everyone scored besides Hayden. We tried for the last 5 minutes of the game. He was so close but then missed.

1022 (Sunday) Yesterday was the funnest! Jared’s berfday party was the best! The paintball people didn’t show up though. When we got back from the Southtown Expo Center we did airsoft wars. Stockton had his rifle and pistols and Brenden and Jared had shotguns and pistols. I used Jared’s pistol and I was the best. I never got hit and hit them like every time. Then we had a game. We won 75-20. I got 11 points and 14 assists. I  could’ve had a lot more points but I was being a good passer. Everyone scored too! Landon also found this thing with my dad singing “MY SCROTUM,” he did it like 2 more times. It was really funny!

1016 (Sunday) We left for the dunes Friday afternoon. It took two hours to get there. We played Monopoly all the way there. The dunes were really fun! Capture the Flag was the best! I got the flag the first time then we switched teams. I was on Landon’s and Keaton’s team. We won the series 3-1. Then on the way back we continued on Monopoly and I won! I got back in time for my game and we won. I had 15 points. It was a fun game. Then today we went to Clay’s house for Will’s and Addie’s berfday!

1008 (Sunday) On Saturday I had a game. But in the morning my shoulder really hurt! I still went to my game. It takes a lot for me to miss a game. I still did good. It still hurts now but not as much then last time. I’m not looking forward to school. My mom and I finished my Utah Studies project today. It’s not due till Friday but I’m glad it’s done.  Now I don’t have to worry about it.

1004 (Tuesday) On Saturday we versed Gena’s team. She crushed our team last time. This time we won by 4 points. I scored 16 points I’m pretty sure. My friend told me about this West Hills basketball camp. I went today and it was really fun. Jacob was there last time and Ben was there both times. They do it a couple more times.  Another plane crashed in West Jordan at the soccer fields. Luckily no one was at the place when it crashed. It was made out of fiberglass. One person died and another seriously injured.

0925 (Sunday) On Saturday we had our second game. We won 51-28 I think. I had a really good game, I had 30 points and in that I had 5 threes. It was against my friend Ben. He is in my CTE class. I don’t want to go to school tomorrow. School has been really boring lately. But at least I get to see my friends.

0918 (Sunday)  We had our first game on Saturday we won 40-27. I had 19 points I also made three threes. Then at 5:30 I went to Stockton’s birthday party. Jared, Brenden, Parker and a lot of other people were there. It was really fun because we did night games and the Utes TRASHED BYU!

0911 (Sunday) The new nerf guns came out on 9/10/11 I got one and Landon got one. Mine is a pistol and Landon’s is huge and fully automatic. Keaton is gonna get one and I want the one he wants, too. I can’t wait to have a big nerf war Monday. I’ve probably spent a lot of money on nerf guns already. Time to spend some more!

0904 (Sunday) So we have been doing nerf wars a lot! Colton got a gun, Keaton got another gun and Cooper got a gun. So we made our own setup in the yard. We got a lot of people to play today. On Saturday Taylee got baptized at 9:30 then Cooper got baptized at 3. After Cooper’s we had the chocolate fountain which was really yummy!

0828 (Sunday) I went to my school on Thursday and it was pretty easy to get to my classes. I couldn’t open my locker till the end of school. Then I went to Stockton’s house last week twice. Brenden and Jared were there the first time then Brenden was there the second again. We had the last basketball of the season on Saturday. We lost but I had a good game. It was both Mason’s last game with us and Ty’s. Then Monday is the official first day of school.

0821 (Sunday) So all the sudden Mom buys 2 Nerf sets. Landon buys both and we start doing Nerf wars. Landon and I see guns we want on I go to Walmart with Mom, Colton and Landon. We get our guns and do Nerf Wars more often. Now everyone is looking for more guns to buy. Then on Saturday the whole stake of young men and women are doing service projects. After that I have a game against the team we beat before. We won by 20, I had a really good game so did Masonx2.

0814 (Sunday) I lost my basketball game by 1 point on Saturday. Joey made a buzzer but his foot was on the line. At my Middle School my classes are close together. Yeah!

0807 (Sunday) Dad took me on a stupid hike for Keaton, he made me go. I  missed Fast Offerings so I had to go it in 90 degree weather. On Saturday we lost by 6 because the refs were bad.

0731 (Sunday) When we went to the Waterslides at Classic it was way fun! They have 4 slides and water bounce houses. We were there for 3 and a half hours. I did the waterslides the most of the time! On Saturday I had my game against Keaton’s coach’s older team. We lost but not by a lot. It was a 5 point game, so we had pretty good game. I had 6 points myself and a lot of assists. It was a fun game.

0727 (Wednesday) So I went to Steiner for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but I had to go home Wednesday because I got Altitude sickness. But before that I went fishing with Gary, Bryce, Travis and Chance. I caught 2 fish! I could’ve got 4 but Travis took the line away from me. I also got the First Aid Merit Badge and the Rifle Merit Badge. Dad took up the paracord while he was there. We will be flushed out of paracord because we had it for Monday Tuesday and Wednesday, then he is taking it to Youth Conference Wednesday-Saturday. Smith and Edwards hopefully be stocked again.

0724 (Sunday) So we went to Jump N' Bounce a lot over the month because we had a month pass. We went with Ryland and Ridley, then Stockton's family then Tony, Mark and Mara. We also went to Kearns, a while ago, it was so fun! I kept doing front flips off of diving boards. Then Dad, Landon and me went to Smith and Edward's for paracord, there was like no paracord at all! We got 1000 feet of white and that's all! Then on the way home we went to Army Navy Surplus and no paracord again! But Landon got throwing knives! Then we went to 7-11 and got Slurpies. We also got In N' Out and played frisbee.

0717 (Sunday) I had my 5 month late berfday party yesterday, it was so fun! I got 80 bucks total! We had a dunk tank and a lot of water stuff! We had the best chocolate cake ever! :) I got a big sunburn though, it hurts so bad! We also did mentos and bottle rockets, and as party favors we did paracord. It was the best berfday party ever!

0711 (Monday)  I went to Stockton’s house and we played Black Ops and had a basketball game in the house. He won me in the games but in 3 point contests and free throw contests I won him, but it was on a mini pro hoop inside. Then we went to Jump N’ Bounce and then the rest of my family went too! Travis came too. We played Tag, it was so fun! I barely got tagged. When we were done I went back to Stockton’s. We played a game to 100 on a 10 foot hoop.  I won 100 to 77! I was on Fire!

0707 (Thursday) So we went to breakfast at The Outpost before we went swimming at Grandma’s. The Outpost is way good! I had pancakes and hashbrowns, HASHBROWNS ARE GREAT!   J Then when we went swimming and it was pretty fun. Then after everyone was hungry again so we went to Wendy’s and had a lot of CHICKEN NUGGETS! Then the fries were really good too. Then Landon found out another weave the “KBK” it is awesome and a easy weave. I LOVE PARACORD! J

0704 (Monday) Today we went to Clayton’s house and had a waterslide and had a lot of food. We tried to getAunt Livi in the water again, she kept locking herself in the bathrooms so me and Landon finally got in the bathrooms. Then my dad and Clay got her outside and we dumped water on her! It was awesome! The first try her pants fell down! It was pretty funny. Then we got icewater and dumped it on her. When she got close to the pool my dad pushed her in! :) Then we went home and watched fireworks with Bailey, Jacob and my mom. There was awesome fireworks this year! Happy 4th of July!

0703 (Sunday) So Kolby, Jami, Maddy and Mia cam back into town. We went to Maga’s on Thursday and had hotdogs in 95 degree weather. It was way HOT!!!! I also got my iPod case, it is red. It looks so awesome on my iPod. We also had are last day of school on Friday and everyone was crying for some reason. Dakotah and Haley were crying like the whole day. I am so glad that it was are last day even though it was a little sad because not a lot of people are going to my same middle school. SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER!

0626 (Sunday) Yesterday I had my second 7th 8th grade game. We lost but we did okay against a big, huge, gigantic team! It was 47-30. I had 15 points. :) I made 2 threes and a couple other shots. Mason had 7 points to add on. Then I went to the Carnival after. It was really fun! The sunk tank was really crowded. I went in it 3 times, 4 times if you count getting thrown in. Travis, Jared, Jacob, Bailey and I kept throwing water balloons at parents. I went in the pie eating contest but Landon pushed my face in and my braces ripped some inside tissue. It was bleeding for a while. Then we went to the Demolition Derby with Bailey, Travis and Jacob. Number 12 and M80 won! It was so fun! :)

0619 (Sunday) So my team had their first 7th and 8th grade game. I was really worried at first but then we came out powerful and full of energy. We started a 5-0 run! At halftime we doubled their score. I had 11 points and quite a bit of assists. I also got a new game ton my Ipod that's called Hanging with Friends. It is so fun! I am doing pretty good for a rookie(I think.)

0612 (Sunday) SO the Finals are over and Dallas won. Went to game 6 not game 7 sadly. But it was a good series. :) My mom got NBA Jam for the Xbox 360, it is so fun!!! Now I'm not used to it on the iPod. We also saw Ana and Adrian's baby, Amare. He is so small :) and cute! I can't wait to see him again. School tomorrow :( Don't really want to go.

0605 (Sunday) So we went to Bear Lake yesterday for a mini trip. We had the FAMOUS raspberry shakes. YUM! They are great. I couldn't get to sleep because Landon and Keaton were being annoying! We also went to the playground and we got spun on the spinny thing. We finally got home and missed church. Cooper and Colton were REALLY inpatient during the drive home.

0529 (Sunday) So I did a AAU tournament with Klint and we lost every game but it was a fun time! :) The first game I had 23 points and 6 assists. The other coach told his players to make sure I didn't get the ball. The 2nd and 3rd game were blowout games. I wasn't as happy as usual. I'll admit when I'm losing I don't take it very well. The 3rd game had a TALL kid that was VERY GOOD. It wasn't even funny it was crazy! We also found stuff called Paracord. It is AWESOME! We make wristbands, I have made like 20 of them!

0410 (Sunday) Yesterday I won my basketball game..........again. :) It gonna take a lot of effort for a team to win us. We won 65-14. Another 50 points win. It's getting a little boring now, JUT KIDDING! Well it's not AS fun but still fun. :) I'm waiting for the game againt Steve and Brian(COLE/HUNTER).

0403 (Sunday) On Saturday I had a game again. We had it easy.......again! We won by 52! The highest scoring game we have ever had! I had 21 points and 12 assists! A DOUBLE DOUBLE! Mason had 22 and Stockton had 12. Cooper's soocer season has started now. I went to his first game. They won by a couple goals. There was also a yard sale Colton was at for mostly the whole day. :) He probably spent at least 5 bucks.

0326 (Sunday) So finally basketball season started up again. I am so HAPPY! We won 62-15. I had 10 points 4 assists. I only got half the playing time as last season, because Mason is back as the 1 with me. I found an old magic trick that is super awesome! :) I am like addicted to it! I also got my 2nd class for scouts.

0320 (Sunday) On Friday I went to the West Desert for a Scout Camp. We stayed overnight and Cody, Bryce, Chance, and Tyler were singing all night which was ANNOYING! All of them went outside and their tent collapsed! They had to sleep outside which was pretty funny. Then Saturday we made breakfast and I ate 3 pancakes, 2 sausage (which I cooked) and 5 bacon. YUM! Then we shot the shotgun and the 22 rifle. On the shotgun I hesitated but I did it. It hurts for a 1/2 of a second then you feel better. I went to Stockton's when I got home and we played a basketball game to 100 points. I won by 4 points. I made a 3 when the score was 97 to 96. We also watched the BYU game. It was really fun!

0313 (Sunday) So I had my first time passing the sacrament today. Everyone put pressure on me and I don't know why. I had to pass it to the Bishop and his counselors today which people say is hard but it isn't. It is actually pretty cool passing the sacrament. First week as a Deacon wasn't bad. My basketball seasons are over which sucks but Spring season is coming up it 2 weeks.

0306 (Sunday) Callahan didn't write in his journal today ... WHY? Because he is sick, and has been sick for days now. He was sick on Wednesday and couldn't go to his Superleague game ... and without him (and two other players) they lost, so that was the end of the season. He missed four days of school. He missed church on Sunday. Poor kid is hungry but nothing sounds good to eat. He's been living on the couch in the family room.

0227 (Sunday) Well today I got ordandided to a Decan. That means no more primary! WOOHOOO! On Saturday I went to Powow, more boringness. Rowland was in my class. The YO-YO tricks. I saw some people on the other team in the Championship game(That we won.) We did the Fun Shot thing but didn't win. Plus we can late and the dude was like, "Can't do it anymore." It was retarded. And then Klint canceled the team party so we have it next week which sucks more!

0220 (Sunday) We had our game yesterday, and it was our final and championship game! :) It is against the team we played at the first of the season. We won that team by 13 and it was our least scoring game(35-22.) It was another low scoring game but we still won. :) The score was 41 to 36. I was on fire at the first part! I hit 3 3's and a couple more shots.

0213 (Sunday) On Saturday, we had to wake up earlier because of the scouts Powow. It was the most boring thing ever! And it was even for three hours! But then we had our basketball game. We won( as usual.) We played at West Jordon Middle. That court is way better than the CopperHills court! It was another blowout (as usual.) So now we play Darin Birch's team that we won by 13 the first time. 

0129 (Saturday) Today I actually played for the church ball team. :) We were down by 10 points at least, yet we still won by 8. I didn't score but Cody said I made the right pass and that I did really good. But what is really awesome is that I'm not 12 and you have to be 12 to play for the church team. So I went to my rec game at 6. Maga and Rex came and saw me play. It was my best game and we played Jacob and Jared's team. It was a big blow out and I mean BIG BLOW OUT! 61 to 23 was the score. :) I went to Wendys after the game.....................................finally. I was wanting to go to Wendys forever! So that was it. :)

0128 (Friday) Today I went to the Timberwloves game. Clay took us early and I got some signatures from the Jazz and the Timberwolves. :) Deron Williams wasn't there so that was a bummer. I got a Utah Jazz hat which is super awesome! Landon and me screamed our heads off. It was really fun. :) I thought me voice would leave me but it didn't which was good. Me throat was sore though. The Jazz finally broke their loosing streak with a 108 to 100 win. Hehe! :)

0127 (Thursday) I had a ortho appointment today. I got these springs in my mouth that really sucks. :( Then I went to a derby with my dad and got $20. Some kids were really annoying. Then I got home and went to sleep.

0126 (Wednesday) I went to the church thinking I had scouts but my mom comes in and says that it was canceled so I played basketball to 8:10 (I started at 7). Then we went to my game at Bennion at 9 o'clock at night! It was another blow out team. We won by 20 or something.

0122 (Saturday) Friday we had 2 practices, the first one at Reggie's then Klint's. We had Stockton over after Reggie's then we went to Klint's. Colton fell and cut his lip and his lip got about a inch wide! Then our game Saturday was another blow out. 50 to 20 we won. But their team were poor sports.

0119 (Wednesday) I went to school then felt bad so I went home sick. I didn't barf or anything for awhile. But I finally barfed and had diarrhea. But I still went to my super league game at West High. We won by a long shot.

0117 (Monday) Monday we were out of school and I was bored, until I went over to Stockton's house. It was fun because we had Parker over, Tanner over, and Brenden over. We played “Hide and Seek,” I seeked only twice. Yeah so that was really fun. Then I went to Nickelmania with my family and I saw a game that I remember that I bought for my iPod. It is called “Galaga.”

0116 (Sunday) Well this week I went to Classic Skating which was really fun! Haley called me and said that she could take me so I went with her Kevin, Courtney, Kari and Kevin's sister. Then on Wednesday we played the undefeated team the "Riverton Heat." We won by 3 points which was good because we didn't want to have a 2 game losing streak. Then on my other league (Jr. Jazz) we played Cole, Bo, and Mason's team. I was waiting for this game as soon as the season started. The first quarter was a breeze and tooked a 11-0 run. But they came back in the 4th quarter to put it to a 4 point game. But than we came out to win by 8. My mom made a video (which is awesome!) of the game. I did pretty great! Just kidding I did awesome! I got 20 points. But Rowland was about to blow because this crazy kid like tackled him! It was very crazy! I also hurt my knee on a layup. I played the whole game(again.) So that's all I looked forward to and all that did happen this week really.

0109 (Sunday) Well I started school Monday because we had our Christmas break which kind of sucked. But on the up side this week I started basketball again. I had basketball practice twice on Monday. Then I had a super league game which we lost by 1 by the same team that won us last year by one. We were kind of mad...............fine we were really mad. We still have a better record then them. Next week we play the undefeated team which sucks again because then we might be on a two gamelosing streak. Then on Saturday we had a rec game. We won 47 to 23 which gave me another boost for the next game when we play Mason's team, also on Saturday I was a Cole's house so I went to his game and saw Mason and Hunter. They lost to the team we played last week and won by about 15. That sucks for them but our team is still undefeated. My mom made a sweet video of my game which I always love watching. I almost got a double double which means that I almost got double digits in points and assits, but it could a different statistics like rebounds, steals, blocks and others but I got 11 points and 9 assits in the VIDEO, so I still might've got another assit in the game and other points. I really want to know.

0102 (Sunday) On New Years Eve cousins came over. The first hour was boring then some people played "Just Dance." Derek and Danielle brang it. Derek really wanted to see Grandma and Grandpa dance. Then we played board games. There was Apples to Apples, Rat a tat Cat, Farkle (which was a new game Grandma tought me), Pictureka and that was about it. I stayed up till about 2 or 3. I fell asleep in Napolean Dynimite. We went to Maga's the next day to .............well I really don't know. Adrain, Ana, Dad and I played Electronic Monopoly. I did good then sucked then sucked more than I destroyed Ana. The game probably went on for 3 hours but who knows. Cooper and Mom got a haircut. Mom and Dad are really glad Cooper got a haircut from Livi. Then today I was just really bored.

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