Sunday, June 13, 2010

The WJ Pool

Up until a couple of years ago, none of my kids had ever had a swimming lesson. I think part of the problem was ME, remembering my fear of swimming lessons when I was a child. And currently, with young children still at home, I didn't want to have to drag babies to lessons and entertain them while waiting. A neighbor signed her kids up for swimming lessons and offered to take Keaton too. As the lessons came to an end, my neighbor encouraged me to come see how much Keaton had progressed, so I packed up the brothers, and we went. The lessons were being held at the West Jordan Middle School pool, and all ages were being taught at the same time (I don't know if I realized that's how it was done). I was really impressed with it all, and I signed up ALL five boys for the next session. Initially, Colton and Cooper had a tough time, but soon blossomed. Landon had managed to teach himself to swim over the years, so he didn't really need additional lessons. Callahan and Keaton were able to progress, and I was thrilled that everyone was learning this important skill. We continued with lessons the next year, and are signed up for this year as well. In addition to the lessons, we also like to go to the pool to swim as a family. I put together a little muvee, containing video and photos from both lessons and open plunge time.

We've been so sad to hear that the swimming pool is going to be one of the cuts the Jordan School District is making. After this summer ... the pool will be closing :(


  1. Fun movie! Our three middle kids just started lessons today!

  2. Cute muvee...we will miss their lessons too!


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