Friday, June 11, 2010

The Warranty Worked

We keep a small TV/DVD combo in the kid's room (I know, I know, there shouldn't be a TV in the kid's room ... it isn't hooked up to receive a signal, it just plays DVDs or shows off the Ipod). The combo unit is a little more compact than having the TV and DVD player separately, but it seems like the DVD player is prone to problems and when it's a combo unit, you can't just replace that part. After going though more than one combo unit over the years, I was making another purchase when I was offered the "extended warranty" plan (this one happened to be through Shopko)... I usually don't do these. I figure that I'll misplace the paperwork, that it wouldn't actually break within the plan timeframe, or that if it did and I tried to collect, that there would be some fine print that would void the coverage. But we'd had such consistent bad luck, I decided to give it a try. I did manage to keep track of the paperwork, and, after 18 months ... sure enough, the DVD player stopped working. I had a two year warranty, so I made the call. Things seemed to go smoothly, they said they would email a mailing label for the return of the unit. I took a couple days for the email to come, and when it did ... it was a simple label, NOT postage paid. Even a postage paid label would have been a pain, having to find a box and package it up and drop it at the post office, but I sure wasn't going to pay for postage too! This was not a small item, shipping charges would probably cost more than the warranty had, and then what if there was additional fine print and they wouldn't pay even if I did ship it back? I made another call and nicely explained the situation ... and they said to just mail in the paperwork, so I did... and I got a check ... it actually worked. I'm a little surprised it worked out out, but I'm happy it did. I'm sure I would have wanted to post bad press had it NOT turned out, so I figured I should give a thumbs up publicly ... a compliment instead of a complaint.

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