Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Last Supper

It was the last supper at the house on Linden. Grandpa Gordy built the house many years ago, when Grayson, Kolby and Clayton were just little guys. It hasn't only been Maga's home, but all of ours (literally!). Back when Grayson and I were engaged, we were sitting in the living room when I ... I don't want to call it a vision, but it was something like that. I could see us, instead of where we were upstairs, in the same part of the house downstairs (which was currently an unfinished basement). We ended up finishing the basement into a small apartment. Gray and I lived there for our first year of marriage. Kolby and Jami lived there when they got married. So did Clay and Courtney. Currently, Ana and Adrian (and Aiden) call the apartment home. And of course, through the years, we've spent countless hours upstairs visiting Maga. Warming our back by the the fireplace, gathering around the dining room table for a meal or barbecuing on the grill and eating outside. The HUGE backyard for the kids to run and play ... Sleepovers and countless crafts ... We will miss the house, remembering where the boys grew up and where we all started our married life. I'll miss having Maga's house so close to my own parents (as we could often piggyback visits to both grandparents). But waiting in the wings is a big, beautiful new house up North. Maga certainly deserves something fresh and clean, and I know we'll enjoy making memories in the new house too.

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  1. I left a comment earlier but it must have gotten deleted. I remember that cute little apartment when you were newlyweds and the big back yard. I am sure you all have lots of memories there!


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