Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Pictures

We're not really big St. Patrick's Day celebrators ... but this year the kids did find some gold left by leprechauns and they had some St. Pat's Hats to wear. I got snapshots of the little guys and the big one ... but I didn't get Keaton or Callahan (Callahan refused to even wear green ... but I think the bands on his braces were green&gold... too bad it wasn't a basketball day, the new jerseys are green). Until next year ...


  1. Gold and hats...that's more than our kids got! Looks like Landon got into the spirit (so did Jani!)

  2. We got cookies...well, we made shamrock sugar cookies and tried to sneakily deliver them to the neighbors. Adria and Rella got caught several times!


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