Monday, March 8, 2010

Carpool Chaos

Being the designated chauffeur for the family, it's very nice when we're able to create a carpool to help eliminate some of the running around. Getting the kids to and from school is one of the main tasks. There isn't a bus, but it really is too far and unsafe to have them walk, so ... carpool. Sometimes it's easier said then done, especially if you have a large family. We have a suburban, but, we pretty much fill it up. If I don't have hubby or #1 son, I can fit in ONE extra ... two if one of the kids sit in the front seat. But anyone I carpool with needs to have room for THREE of mine. Luckily, I can usually find someone to work with. This year, I get my mornings off and I'm on pickup duty. Last year, my extra seats were filled by a couple of the girls next door. They had a very orderly rotation of who got to sit where (nobody wants to sit in the back). This year, with a couple of neighbor boys ... it's anything goes! It's a mad rush to the car, a race and push to open the door and plop into the prized seats. I've suggested taking turns, but to no avail. I have had to tell them to wait until I at least stop the car!

Unlike the school carpool, the preschool boys actually prefer the back seat! As I pick up a couple extra little boys on the way to and from preschool, they all move to the back ... the center seat, squished between the two carseats is the favorite spot. Go figure! The conflict comes when it is time to get out of the car and ring the doorbell. I try to keep track of who's turn it is, but with three kids and preschool just twice a week, it's hard.

Then there's the SCOUT carpool ... FIVE eight and nine year old boys! Even though it's a very short trip ... it is CRAZY!

And finally, basketball carpool. Callahan was asked to join a Taylorsville Superleage team. It's been a great experience, made better when his basketball buddy also made the team. I was happy too, I'd have someone to carpool with! And I even lucked out on my leg (the drive home), as the practice let out about the same time Daddy heads home from work, and it's right on his way... so I seldom even had to head out for these particular practices. The carpool also came in handy for a couple of games (benefiting both sides). I don't know if it's because the boys are tired after practice, or because there are only two of them ... but THIS particular carpool ride ... is very quiet, especially compared to any of those listed above!

I'm very grateful to have people to carpool with. Let's save a little time and gas where we can.


  1. I love carpools too! I only have the prechool carpool right now, but I am looking forward to many happy carpooling experiences in the future!

  2. Oh I just have to laugh. The picture says it all.


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