Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bye Bye Basketball

It's the end of basketball season ... well, at least until the Spring session starts up ... next week. Callahan has been so happy playing basketball all year round. During the winter months, he played the traditional Jr. Jazz (upper level comp, they came in 2nd place) and also played on a Superleague team (also came in 2nd place, just played that championship game tonight). The pictures here are all from that team... go Utes! Callahan had two practices and two games a week, and he LOVED it. Spring, Summer and Fall seasons are played at the Gene Fullmer Rec Center and I have to say I really like their basketball program. Callahan is our basketball boy! ... THANK HEAVENS for digital cameras! It's so hard to try and get any good shots ... on the court (and off!) *Ü* Check out the Basketball Backlog for the team photos through the years.


  1. Great pictures... I just love watching them play.. Happy to enjoy the one week break.. :)


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