Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall Fun

 We do not have a single tree in our yard (after Landon cut down the peach tree which had died. Chop Chop). But that doesn't mean we don't have leaves. The backyard neighbors have BIG trees which do drop quite a few leaves in our yard.   While the kids were out of school for Fall Recess, they went out to rake up the leaves.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find a rake. I came out and found one. Keaton wanted a "leaf" rake, which I could not find (although I know we had one once). The boys ended up using snow shovels to gather the leaves into a pile. Then they buried Keaton in the pile.

That wasn't enough to keep them entertained for too long though. Funny how we can get through an entire summer, but a couple days off once school has started up and the kids are "bored" without a specific activity. I pulled out some "Bloonies" and that entertained them for a while too.

I'm glad Fall Break is short!

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