Friday, October 10, 2014

Theater x3

This past year, Gray and I had been given season tickets to both Desert Star Theater, and Hale Theater (the former from my folks, the latter from Grayson's mom). So he and I made it out to the theater several times this year.

Gray and I at Desert Star Theater ...
It's casual dining while you watch.

Near the end of the year, there were three different productions and three different theaters, and we even got the kids to attend a couple of them. That was a Theater x3 month!

First, Cousin Addie was in a Riverton Production of "Alice in Wonderland" ... Gray purchased five tickets (we assumed a couple of the boys wouldn't be able to go). We ended up all being available, but Landon and I sat it out while the others joined the rest of the Blackham Clan to watch.

Then we decided to introduce the little boys to Desert Star.
We'd taken the older three boys in the past. Keaton enjoyed it and wanted to go again, but it was the first time for Cooper and Colton. We got the table in the top corner, which has a little more space than some of the others. The little boys weren't that impressed.

Colton ended up playing on his ipod instead of watching the show.

Then it was time for the last production on our "Hale" season ticket ... "Catch Me If You Can" the musical. We'd seen the movie years ago (also with the Blackham clan I recall) and I had read the book and really liked it. I wasn't sure exactly how it would be presented in musical format, but it was good. Pam and Ana went with us. 

I'm not sure if we'll do season tickets next year. It was good, forcing us to get out and see the shows (use them or lose them) but sometimes we wouldn't plan ahead and it would end up being somewhat stressful. Some shows are definitely more appealing than others as well. Maybe we'll just pick and choose and go to a couple next year instead of every one. 

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