Saturday, October 4, 2014

Kicking it with Colton

Another soccer season for Colton. In the Spring, we played with Uncle Clay and Cousin Addie in Herriman. It was an undefeated season (Spring Soccer).  As Fall soccer signups started up, we just went ahead and signed Colton up at the local rec center and hoped he might know some kids he was placed with (they do try to put kids from the same school together).

The change from Spring to Fall was a big one. It had been the 1st/2nd grade league in the Spring, with smaller fields. Now, it was a 3rd/4th division and the fields were much bigger, much more running. Some teams had a lot of 4th graders (we had one, but the rest were 3rd, with a couple 2nd graders too).

The first game, Colton had several close shots, but none of them went into the goal. The other team did manage to score, so Colton had his first loss. He wasn't super happy (as you can see in the picture above). Luckily, he learned to manage his emotions a bit better, because that wasn't the last loss ... they lost every game, until the last one, which ended in a tie at least. Only two goals the entire season. One that final game (for the 1-1 tie), and one a bit earlier, which Colton managed to kick in. It was the first goal of the season and the boys were ecstatic. Here's a quick clip ...

We missed the team pictures this year (Colton went to the Father's and Sons at the sand dunes), so I snapped one on the final game.

Here's Colton and his crew. The Flame Throwers!

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