Monday, August 26, 2013

The Start of School ...

For the past several weeks, I've been seeing a lot of "school starting" posts on blogs and Facebook. We seemed to be one of the last ones, with the first day being Monday, August 26 for all five boys.  As you may remember, I mentioned I was switching elementary schools. After years of frustration with the year-round schedule and a few other items, I put in a permit at the nearby Terra Linda Elementary, which is traditional. Cooper took the news hard, and we were both anxious about this upcoming year. 

We went to Back to School night and met their teachers and found their classrooms. I took them the first day and stayed as we found where their classes lined up. Cooper and Colton were very brave going into the unknown and after I picked them up, they both happily said they had already made several new friends. 

Keaton is starting a new school as well ... joining Callahan at West Hills Middle School. He did actually attend a half-day for just the 7th graders last Thursday, and we had spent a morning prior to that finding all his classrooms and his locker.  Callahan is king of the school as a 9th grader.

Landon is also at the top, in 12th grade. A senior ... how did that happen? He has a challenging year with some AP classes and a concurrent enrollment at the tech center.

We survived the first day ... and the first day photos!

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