Monday, August 19, 2013

Seattle (the 2nd)

A few years ago, Gray and the boys (sans Cooper) took a trip to Seattle to see cousins and do a little camping on Orcas Island. He decided it would be fun to do it again. This time he was able to talk Cooper into attending. Alas, I was not able to be talked into it. I was not up for the 16+ hour drive (one way) and elected to have a staycation while they were on vacation. 

So the Blackham Boys packed up and were off ... it's actually much better without Mom in the car, as Landon can sit up front, and Keaton isn't squished in the back with the two little boys. They drove, stopping for the night (the hotel stop was what convinced Cooper, he loves the pool, ice machine and breakfast). Then on again the next day. 

Maga and Rex made the trip too.  The cousins enjoyed hanging out, visiting Microsoft and some of the Seattle hot spots. I was able to enjoy the vacation vicariously as Gray would send pictures back to me. Then it was on to Orcas Island. There was a bit of a wait at the ferry (just seeing a picture of the line of cars was enough to stress me out back at home).  There was some sprinkling as they arrived at the island, but Cooper was a trouper and didn't let the weather get him down. 

They went back to "the tree" which had been such a hit on the first trip.  

Grayson did take a lot of pictures. I uploaded them to my Facebook account, you can see the entire album HERE. I know Pam and Jami took some photos too, but I haven't seen them yet. I will update the album if I get more.

And what did I do Home Alone?

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