Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Extras

LOTS of  odds and ends when it comes to pictures this past month. Those photos that are cute, but don't really have an entire story behind them to really deserve their own blog post all get bundled up here. I LOVE the photo above *Ü*  Colton had been to the dentist and his whole left side was numb. It was so cute to see him try and smile! He was very brave at the dentist ... and I tried to be brave as I paid the big bill!

Conference weekend, the boys attended the priesthood session, then went to Macey's for some ice cream cones. Yes ... Grayson was getting a little bit bushy!

 Colton got dressed for church all by himself ...
Maybe we need a tweak or two ...

Holey holes! Cooper's shoes were worn right through. We made a trip to Payless to get him a couple new pairs.  I don't really worry about buying them big enough to grow into at all, because they usually fall apart long before the kids outgrow them.

 Callahan got a Life ...

Keaton is a D.A.R.E. graduate.

Callahan went to work with Dad for "Job Shadow"

Colton and Cooper (and Bradley) convinced Daddy to take them to Maverick for treats. The little boys rode their bikes, while Dad and Cooper rode our tandem. 

My little boys have kept up with their recent reading trend. Grayson has actually been reading too. In fact, this spot is THE reading spot, and Colton was a little put out when he found Daddy sitting there as he went to get some reading done.

I thought this picture of these three little troublemakers was so cute. These three boys play together a LOT. They just started soccer, and are always hanging out. Minecraft is still a favorite game.

That's the April odds and ends ...

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