Sunday, April 28, 2013

Car Crunch

As a parent with a newly licensed teenager, you dread THE CALL ... "Mom, there's been an accident."  At least for our first experience with it, we didn't have to worry about blame. Landon's truck was parked in the school parking lot, he wasn't even in it.  At first, I really didn't think there would be that much damage, I mean, you are generally going pretty slow in a parking lot.   Then Landon shot some pictures and sent them to me ...

I could see the damage to the bumper/lights in the first photo, but THIS photo surprised me. Landon HAD been parked properly between the lines. The truck had been physically shifted over about three feet! Luckily there wasn't a car parked on the right side, or it would have been impacted too.

Then there was the picture of the OTHER car ... OUCH!

Gray and I went to check the truck out in the evening (Landon didn't think he could drive it home, the bumper was pressed into the tire, and he wasn't sure if the bumper/lights would fall off during a drive). While we were there, the other family was there getting the other car towed. Using the tow truck, we were able to pull the bumper away from the tire enough that Gray felt he could try to drive it home. He felt like something was dragging, but he made it home okay. 

Then it was getting the car in to the body shop for repairs and getting a rental. My folks let us borrow their little blue truck until we could make arrangements (I wasn't looking forward to having to get up at 5:30 to drive Landon to Early Morning Seminary). They have had a policy of no grandkid borrowing the truck (which also seemed to be standard policy at rental car places, well, not "grandkids" but no teens allowed) so I ended up driving the borrowed truck/rental car while Landon drove the Burb to school.  We'll be glad to get back to our own automobiles! We are glad no one was hurt, and are relieved that Landon is yet accident free.

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