Friday, July 2, 2010


There's a new ice cream shop in town (actually ... just over in Jordan Landon, between Target and Best Buy) ... it's called SUBZERO. It's not a regular ice cream shop, it's even different from the Marble Slab or Cold Stone ... here, they actually MAKE the ice cream, anyway you want it, right in front of you. You start with your liquid base, (premium cream, lowfat milk, or soy ... they have several choices) then you choose your flavors, then your mix-ins. You can create unique ice creams. Then, they add liquid nitrogen to freeze it right in front of you. I grabbed a little video ...

So ... we've already been TWICE ... the first time Gray got chocolate/peanutbutter with Reeces cups mixed in, Landon got mint chocolate chip, Callahan got cookie dough, Keaton got banana (looked bright yellow like Laffy Taffy), Cooper got chocolate and Colton got vanilla ... I just taste tested everyone's. The next time, I got cookie dough (with the lower fat base), Landon tried chocolate malt, Callahan got smore (chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker), Keaton got orange with chocolate flakes, Cooper got chocolate again, and Colton got the banana. Grayson had his weigh in the next morning, so he abstained (except for a couple sample bites). The kids are already thinking of new combinations to try. Now I'm not really an ice cream connoisseur ... I'm pretty happy with the generic vanilla or the Kroger Mint Chocolate Chip, but that "smore" ice cream ... it was pretty good. If you get creative and make something you can't just buy off the shelf at the local store, than it could justify a trip in. I think we'll be going back.

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