Thursday, July 1, 2010

Field Day Frolics

At the end of the school year, there is field day. A day of fun ... and usually water and sun. Four years ago, Grayson took charge of field day and introduced several new activities. The huge slip and slide, the large slingshots for launching water balloons, the water balloon filler (more info on that below)... After putting in the work the first year, he offered to be in charge again the following year. That year, he introduced ROCKETS... Last year he was busy with work, so Grayson didn't head up field day, although he still came and helped, running the rockets again. This year he simply contributed any requested materials ... several of his activities having found a permanent place in the field day rotation. There were some new activities as well, and it was fun in the sun as usual! I went around and took some pictures ... (you can scroll through them HERE). Yea for field day!

Now ... the water balloon fillers. Grayson created this handy dandy gadget the first year he was in charge of field day. If you've ever had to fill up a LOT of water balloons, you know how difficult it can be. Made with simple sprinkler pipes and the switched nozzles that come with some bags of balloons, each filler offers SEVEN spigots. Enlist the help of others and you can fill water balloons fast and fun. I encouraged Gray to make the second filler, and they we used it as one of the rotations during the field day. The kids enjoy filling the balloons just as much as popping them, and it helped keep up the supply all day long.

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  1. What a great dad! That looks like so much fun! Our field-day is a track meet -- there isn't any of this fun water-type stuff! But since I like track, it is fun too. It is weird to think about kids still being in school when ours have been out for a month and a half. Only six more weeks until school starts AGAIN -- ugh!


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