Thursday, July 22, 2010


A family vacation to Seattle had been planned. I really don't like driving (not behind the wheel, not as a passenger) and as the trip got closer, I stressed about the looong car drive. Grayson gave me the option of staying home ... and I took him up on it. Cooper, fellow homebody and momma's boy, stayed with me. Home alone for a whole week, just the two of us ... what did we do?
We went swimming at the West Jordan pool, and signed up for another week of swimming lessons. Cooper also went swimming several times at our neighbor's backyard pool. Cooper is a little fishy! We went to the store and got him some new goggles too (he had been using Mom's ... but they were pink... these are clear, but it's a little hard to tell with his pink cheeks underneath).
We walked the docks at Daybreak

We found a sprinkler splash pad in Herriman

We went to a puppet show at the library

We put together puzzles (above) and went to the parade preview party at the South Towne Expo Center (see the link below, we took LOTS of pictures) ... it was a great opportunity to see all the floats up close and in air conditioned comfort.
Here's Cooper with the "How to Train Your Dragon" float ...
we have more pictures here

We went bowling ...

and went UP and DOWN the big inflatables at Back2School night
There were several big inflatables and a climbing wall, (but there were LOTS and LOTS of kids, so the lines were still quite long).
Normally, I don't go out to eat much ... but we did this week *Ü*. We went to Red Robin and Golden Corral (Cooper ate more at the dessert bar than he did dinner). We made a trip into SubZero and Wendys and KFC. I got a babysitter one night and joined my family for a night out at Johnny Carinos. Yes ... the scale reflected the eating out ...

Cooper was an absolute angel ... it was good to have some one-on-one time with him. It was nice having some quiet time at home (that doesn't happen very often). The boys had cleaned their rooms before they left ... and the house STAYED clean ... it was amazing! Cooper and I did miss our boys ... and hopefully they missed us a little bit too. Next post ... the trip.

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  1. Fun pictures! For "homebodies" it looks like you both went out and did a lot of things! I am impressed that your school does all that for "Back to School Night!" That would have been fun if you guys had come down here with us this week too!


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