Monday, June 22, 2015

Grayson Goes to Europe

It was almost time to catch the plane. Grayson was anxiously awaiting the arrival of his passport, and leaving on a European vacation! The passport barely arrived in time. Whew!

The trip to Europe was actually a family vacation for Gray's brother's family. Kolby and Jami and their two girls had a month long trip planned, from England to France to Italy to Spain. Maga joined them for England and France ... and Gray joined them for Italy (and Spain ... although the Spain part was NOT originally on the agenda, but a certain husband decided he wasn't ready to come home). 

Grayson (and Jami) were great about posting photos to Facebook, so those of us at home could experience the vacation vicariously (oh, and just FYI, I was invited too, but I'm not a traveler, which is why Gray was jumping on this change to experience this with family). I adjusted Grayson's Fitbit (time zone change) and he hit a new step high (35K in a Day) and climbed to the #1 spot on the Fitbit friends list!  His feet did suffer though (there are some picture in the album below, or in the link just listed, ewww though!)

For blogging purposes ... I put a bunch of pictures into an album for easy viewing. Enjoy!

... I wasn't sure if Grayson was going to make it home for our anniversary, but he did. Although there were some times HE wasn't sure if he was going to make it home either. There were a few missed flights and an unexpected stay and extra day before he finally made it home!

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