Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Father's Day 2015

Generally, we have a traditional Father's Day breakfast in bed ... but we were a little too slow this year, and Gray got up. He went outside for some morning duckie time, and we brought him his breakfast outside. But it was so beautiful out, and this way he got his feathered babies in the picture too (well, you can see at least one of them there at the back). Such glare on the plate! We made french toast, hashbrowns, bacon, sausage and eggs. And milk of course. 

 It was so nice out, the kids joined Daddy for breakfast in the yard.
The ducks joined Daddy for breakfast too. Mealworms. Yum!

Every year, we have our annual Westra Family Father's Day BBQ at my brother Scott's home. Scott doesn't sound out emails often, but we enjoy it when he does, because they showcase his humor. I've laughed over them in the past, and thought I'd include it here (for future reference and posterity!) 


Here is your formal invitation to the annual Father's Day BBQ at the Draper Westra's. The weather report is indicating sunny with clear skies and a high of 86 degrees. 

We plan on starting at 5:00 pm with dinner. We will have some gluten free chicken and hot dogs and baked beans and a fruit and/or seven layer salad. We would love it if you could bring some Brazilian cheese rolls, chips, salad, desserts or Brazilian cheese rolls. 

Special invitations and activities: 

  1. Significant others are of course invited but don't expect any of us to be on our best behavior. Take that as fair warning. For the FIRST time ever, in an effort to be more inclusive, Roxy, as well as Grayson's duck(s) are invited to participate. Sorry Chris, the only chickens allowed will be those on the grill. All other species will need to be cleared with the Father's Day BBQ Committee and we assume no responsibility for the health or safety of your pets (or for you or your children for that matter.) Disclaimer: We have placed snail bait in the flower gardens and will "fog" the yard with insect spray two hours before guest arrival. 
  2. The annual Westra Family Father's Day photo session will take place between 6:10 pm and 6:11 pm (yes, we realize that creates a minimal familial time commitment of 72 minutes - deal with it). 
  3. Immediately following the family photo session will be the first annual "Lamar Westra Look-Alike contest." That's right, get your multiple plaid button down shirts and baseball cap on and grab your trekking poles. Winners will be determined by the number of likes for all pictures posted in Instagram! The cut-off for judging will be 8:00 pm. 
  4. I will fire up my cotton candy machine about 8:00 pm. A power washer will be available if you want to clean off any family members prior to departure. 
  5. Optional Hike: Suncrest to Triangle peak to watch Sunset on Summer Solstice: Kemery will lead this under 1 mile (1/3 mile up and back). Sunset will be at 9:02 pm (but the actual summer solstice will have already occurred at10:39 am). Depart Westra home at 8:30 pm, return by 9:30 pm. Note: sacrificing of virgins is NOT permitted within Draper City limits at any time and summer solstice is no exception.
Note: Amy reserves the right to alter the menu or activities schedule at any time, including the day of the event. 

We look forward to seeing you this coming Sunday! 


Our Father's Day celebration was actually in jeopardy this year though. The Tuesday before, my dad had a heart attack. Tuesday night and Wednesday, there was some question as to whether or not he would pull through. Then, the physical recovery looked quite optimistic, but there were still some worrisome neurological issues. But happily, Grandpa Westra progressed leaps and bounds ahead of what was expected, and the doctors actually released him on Sunday, and he was able to come to the Father's Day party! If you weren't aware he'd just been in intensive care for the preceding days,  you wouldn't have known!

 Ah, the annual family picture! We were missing our missionaries (five of them). Mckenna was in Washington, Rick was gone to EFY, Callahan had to work a REAL game... 

As promised, there was a cotton candy machine. Yum! Pink ...

... and blue!

There was frisbee fun, water balloons, some juggling, jump-rope, lawn darts ....

Until next year!

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