Saturday, June 6, 2015

End of the School Year Catch All

You can't quite read Cooper's shirt in the picture above. It says "School is AWESOME ... when it's closed!"  And school is out for summer! The last week ... well, they sure don't get much done. Callahan did have a couple projects there at the end, but after Mon/Tues that last week, he didn't make it to school (even though it still went through Friday). Keaton went through Thursday. The little boys had fun events that last week; field day, talent show, 6th grade vs teachers kickball, an awards assembly.  Cooper received his "Great American Award" plaque (more on that in the last school update).

I personally love the structure of the school schedule ... getting up early, having the kids gone for a portion of the day. Summer, there is sleeping in and staying up late and bored kids who want to be taken bowling, bouncing and swimming. I like them learning (they just don't even want to touch a book during the summer). It's an adjustment. 

There was quite a bit of construction there in front of the school the last few weeks. It made getting to the school pretty tough. I will not miss trying to traverse the trucks and such!

So as school ends, I thought I'd look back at some of the more memorable assignments and awards from the past few months...

Keaton went to work with Daddy for "Job Shadow" 

Keaton, Daddy and I spent a Sunday afternoon creating a Rube Goldberg Contraption

Grandma and Grandpa joined the boys for "Grandparents Day" at school ...
Cooper's lunch was first, and he didn't want to stick around and wait for Colton (who had a slightly later lunch) before heading out for recess, thus the separate pictures! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for coming out!

Colton (and Mom) had to create a diorama book report.

Cooper makes personalized book marks for all the books he reads. This was his for the same book as featured above in Colton's diorama. Not for a school assignment or anything, Cooper just started making bookmarks on his own. I love it!

Cooper received the "Principal's Pride" award ...

... and we just keep a wall in the den for hanging up all the stuff the older boys get. 

... and of course, the end of year program at the elementary.
Here's Cooper's (Colton didn't have one this year ... at least that I know of!)

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