Monday, June 17, 2013

Daddy's Day

Grayson didn't stay in bed long enough for us to get him breakfast there, but Callahan stepped up and made pancakes. After the yummy breakfast, the boys presented Daddy with some cards they had made. I gave him the LesMiserables DVD, but Gray had actually just purchased a couple waverunners a day or so before ... so I joked that THAT was his Father's Day gift ... for the next five years! You'll see more about them in future posts I'm sure.

In the afternoon we headed out to Scott and Amy's for the annual BBQ there. While we were missing a few people, we had a bigger crowd than in recent years. It was fun for the cousins to get together and play. And this is as close to an extended family photo as we get! Happy Father's Day!  Serious smiles (above) and SILLY (below) *Ü*

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