Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Landon!

We don't have "friend" birthday parties every year, but we do usually get together with family to celebrate the boy's birthdays. Last Sunday, the Blackham Bunch got together, and this Sunday, it was the Westra side. We celebrated Cooper, Keaton and Landon (as Cooper and Keaton blew out candles last week, we let Landon have the honor this week). We also celebrated cousins Rella and Taylee, and Uncle Chris. The end of August/first week of September is busy for birthdays! Just like last week (and last year), we brought the two yummy cakes (one white buttercream, one chocolate fudge) and like last week, the chocolate cake was almost gone, while there was still half the white cake left. We didn't bring any leftovers home with us this week though (too tempting). Landon's actual birthday was today, and Landon got lots of Facebook birthday wishes. His main gift was making his ownership of Dad's old Iphone official (no service, so basically an Ipod Touch ... Landon had absconded with it when Gray upgraded to the Iphone4). He also got a couple hackysacks, some Silly Bandz, and a UofU backpack. For dinner he requested french dip and of course ... we finished up with MORE cake (this time, an Oreo Ice Cream cake ... yum!). Here's a look back at the last 15 years!

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