Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Games on the Go

While we're out driving in the car, we play many of the usual travel games. The boys have been spotting VW Bugs for as long as I can remember... I do try to discourage the "slug" part of that game (don't the kids hit each other enough?) When Cooper noticed certain little cars carried his name, we started to point out Mini Coopers as well. As the older boys got interested in "cool" cars, they would oooh and ahhh over as we would see them on the road (cool cars being a Mustang, Camaro, Challenger, Charger, Corvette, etc.) I have to say I'm pretty good at pointing them out now too *Ü*

I know there are many variations of the "License Plate Game" ... spotting all the letters in alphabetical order, making words from the letters, sighting different states ... Cooper especially LOVES finding plates from different states. The boys also call out patterns in the numbers or letters ... if they are double or triple, or "skippy" (the same number or letter with one number or letter in between).

So if you're ever in the car with us, don't be surprised to hear the kids (or me) calling out "Mustang" or "Skippy Two" or "Look, Texas" ... in fact, the picture at the top I took because I Cooper had fallen asleep during our drive and I happened to have my camera on my lap ... I knew he would be sad if he missed the "Triple O from Idaho" ...

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  1. My kids love the out of state, bingo (yellow car/truck,) slug bug, and beep jeep... They are also really good at finding the "hot rods." Amazing what my 3 year old spots before I do.. :)


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