Friday, August 22, 2014

A Family That Plays Together

A while back, I was thumbing through a catalog when I saw an "instant up" badminton set advertised. We'd purchased a cheap net set before, but it was such a struggle to set up, that it never got used and we didn't even bother to store it (off to goodwill). In the catalog, this one was $100. A bit pricey. I checked on Amazon and found it there for $70 (also checking on the reviews, fairly positive). Still unsure whether it would be worth the investment, I waited. I then noticed it on sale at the local Big 5 for $50, and I had a 10% off coupon as well. I decided to buy. 

It sat unopened in the house for well over a month, maybe two. The boys just didn't show much interest. Then a couple Saturdays ago, the conditions were perfect. A cool evening. Sun behind the clouds. Most important ... the internet was out *Ü*. We set up the net and it was an instant hit. 

I'd forgotten how simple and fun badminton is. It took a little bit for the younger boys to master, but they now love it, especially Cooper. He's my badminton boy. He and I have been playing almost every day! While the net IS easy up, it takes a little bit to take down (I think ours is sticking), some of the sections are sticking a bit. Coop and I generally play without the net. We just stretch the hose across the lawn (to divide the sides) and just bop the birdie back and forth. When we're up for a serious game (like this past Sunday when the grandparents came over) we went ahead and got the net back out. 

In addition to badminton, it's a good setup for volleyball. Instead of a standard volleyball, I had picked up an inflatable beach ball. It's a little easier for the younger kidlets.

 I can't tell you how much fun it is to see all my boys playing together like this!
Makes a mommy happy!

This was absolutely worth the $50 investment for me! Spending time playing and being active with the kids, seeing them interact with each other. I am always on the lookout for good "active family fun" alternatives and this definitely fit the bill. Ironically, I think it's also helped with Cooper's weather phobia somewhat! On a cloudy day, we can play ... otherwise we have to wait until the early evening when the sun has set enough that it isn't in our eyes. He's even stayed out playing in a light drizzle ... until the lightening in the distance drove him back inside.

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