Sunday, August 6, 2017

Blackham Vacation 2017

The big trip for 2017 was to Seattle/Canada, meeting up with the Washington Blackhams. There had been a Seattle/Canada trip planned last year (passports were prepped and everything) and then due to some spinny issues, Grayson had decided to call it off. But this year ... it was a go, with all five boys! I of course, was going to enjoy the vacation vicariously. This was my longest time home alone (10 days) but Gray was good at keeping me in the loop with pictures and texts, and I tried to keep up with Landon's snaps. 

It all started Thursday, July 20... they were flying. It was the first time on a plane for the two littles. Up early at 4:30, an Uber to the airport (we don't have a car we all fit in, even without luggage) and they were off. They arrived in Seattle early (about 10:30) so they had most of that first day there. Rented a car, booked a hotel room ... ate at Lunchbox Laboratory. Met up at Kolby's house in the evening. 

I swear the boys would make the trip to Seattle JUST to hit Lunchbox Laboratory!
The boys hit Lunchbox the first day as they hit Seattle ... 
and on the last day, before they left! 

Landon's snapchats I snagged ...

Gray got some great pictures at the GasWorks park!

The next day, it was off to the lake for paddleboarding and kayaking. 

Saturday was a segway tour in of Seattle.
My cute helmet heads!

... more segway snapshots.
Landon's snapchat after ;) ha ha!

Monday, the crew left Seattle for Whistler, Canada. 
Downtime, puzzles, hot tub, hammock ... Netflix in Canada has some different programming (French Prince of Bel Air was on there). Some biking, and trips for ice cream or gelato. There was a little park nearby with a basketball court, so Grayson bought a couple basketballs so the littles could go play. 

Wednesday, the Blackhams headed to Blackcomb, a resort there in Whistler.

There were ski lifts and a big gondola ride to the top of the mountain. 
The Olympics had been hosted there in 2010. 
So many scenic sights ... and the birds were quite friendly!

... here's a little video clip of the bird experience!

Thursday had a couple big activities ... Bungee jumping anyone?
The three older boys and Gray jumped. Cousin Mia did too. 
Colton expressed some regret at not trying it. 

Then it was a zipline tour for everyone. 
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Gray sent snapshots of all the flowers along the way.

 ... and the food feasts

On Friday, Kolby's family and the Sanders (their friends) were going on to Victoria. Gray and the boys headed back to Seattle. They hadn't hit all the sights before heading to Canada. They wanted to get to the Space Needle ... and they did. Also, as mentioned above, another trip to Lunchbox Laboratory before they left. 

... and then, HOME!

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