Sunday, August 30, 2015

Oh What Do You Do In The Summertime?

Backed-up Blog post alert.
Summer 2015!

Keaton was looking for THIS photo ...

I suggested he look on the blog, labels of Summer or WaterFun ... but it wasn't there. He did find my end of year (2015) post and I realized this was one of those topics I'd never gotten around to getting up. Bad mommy! So, better late than never?

Our old "water balloon fillers" had taken a beating over the years and Grayson decided to build a new one. Industrial strength! It wasn't cheap with all the parts, but it should last a while. The kids sure enjoyed it.

The "garbage can" dunk is a remnant activity from my childhood ... 

We also went bowling several times this summer.
Taking advantage of the 'Kids Bowl Free" program.
It's not really free. The kids get two free games a day. You still have to pay for shoes, and of course the kids want food (which I only splurged on once) and to play in the arcade after.

Sometimes I'd just drop the kids off. Occasionally I'd stay and play a game too. 
I have my own bowling shoes! 

I think it was "Ckeetin" who came up with the creative spellings here.
Look at me (Mumm) - Top score. Over 100!
I may have had bumpers on ...

What else did we do in the summertime?

We bought the boys passes to the nearby Rec Center for the summer ... and they used them! Almost every day, I'd drop them off and they would play basketball for a few hours. The pass also included swimming, but they never got around to doing that. Too busy ballin! I don't know that they ever complained of being bored ...

Jacob was a constant companion to the Blackham boys all summer long.

This happened too ...
They were playing baseball.
Five active boys,
and only one broken window in all these years.
Not too bad, right?

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