Sunday, August 23, 2015

Let's Lagoon!

I can't remember when we hit Lagoon last ... it's been several years since we went as a family. We remedied that situation this year and went one weekend in August.  We got to the park before it opened, and they let people in, to a point. We lined up closest to the new "Cannibal" ride, and as soon as they actually opened and let people through, that's where Colton, Keaton, Callahan and Amanda (Cal's girlfriend) went. Cooper didn't want to try it, and I wasn't up for waiting in line (still 30+ even getting there right off the bat) ... so Daddy, Cooper and I hit a few rides.

Grayson has been a little woozy on twirly rides for as long as I can remember (his favorite is the Rocket) ... but this time I noticed I wasn't handling them that well either. I guess I'm getting old. We did hook back up with the gang, and went on several rides together too. Amanda talked Callahan into going on a water ride, and they both got soaked!

With Cannibal and Wicked getting media attention .... the lines on the Colossus weren't bad at all. We went on that one a few times, often walking right on. Cooper took some convincing the first time around, but afterward he said it was one of his favorites. We didn't get a ton of pictures, and almost forgot to grab a family photo (we were out in the parking lot) ... here's a few more from the day.

This was actually the second time around for Keaton and Colton. They had gone earlier in the summer with Aunt Olivia and cousin Aiden. Here's a few photos from that trip (thanks Livi!)

Livi and Aiden got season passes and hit the park multiple times this summer. For us though ... I think once (or twice for the couple of kids) was plenty. But I'm glad we got out and made some memories this summer.

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