Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween was on a Monday this year. That just feels a little off. It seems more like a weekend holiday! Several schools had their Halloween parades on Friday, while many stuck with the actual day for parades and parties (Colton's school had theirs on Monday). He went as a "Chick Magnet" for lack of a better costume. Not that he likes girls at all of course. I mean ewwww.

Callahan apparently does feel the same way about girls (Keaton either ... but that is another post). For a triple date, Cal and friends and their dates came and carved pumpkins at our house. This one pictured was Callahan's design ... and a pretty perfect one for a house full of basketball boys!

Pokemon Go even got into the Halloween theme ...
They had a Halloween update for the week preceding the holiday. The "scary" Pokemon, such as Gastly, Haunter, Zoobat, Cubone and even Meowth (a cat, though not black) would appear much more often. Also, distance walked was doubled, and triple points were earned on some catches. Cooper was pretty happy about the incentives, but then he got sick and ended up on the couch for several days, instead of walking around taking advantage of the update.

My Friday Zumba class encouraged us to dress up ...
It was a fun holiday dance edition.

Callahan and Co also raided the costumes for a school dance ...
Cute Woopie Cushion Callahan!

Colton ended up getting sick the weekend before Halloween too. I wasn't sure if either of the little boys would feel up to going out, or if they would even want to (they consider themselves a little old for it at this point). Colton felt better, and did want to go collect some candy, so I walked the neighborhood with him (and the PokemonGo phone). He would have had more fun with friends I'm sure, but we hadn't planned ahead enough. I didn't get around to taking the traditional "candy" shot. 

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