Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Cal and Kate - Homecoming 2016

Homecoming 2016 ... Callahan didn't go to Homecoming his sophomore year. Last year, he had a girlfriend (so it was an obvious ask). This year, he really wanted to go. The gang had plans, but he just wasn't sure who to ask. He told me there was "one girl" that he talked to sometimes ...

The guys set up an elaborate ask ... music videos. They spent SO MUCH time and effort on this. I'll admit, when Callahan would say he was leaving to go work on the video some more I'd get a little frustrated. Just do something quick and simple! I must say though ... when I saw this finished product? It's a treasure! I loved it ... I hope the girls did too.

It is a little long - Callahan's "solo" is at the 3:50ish mark, but he's in most of the other videos too (just not the lead singer lip sync). So anyway ... she said yes.

 Friday night was the homecoming game ... 
Cal with the guys.

... and the girl.

They started Saturday (the day date) with paintball!
 Cal and the guys 

... and the girl

Then it was time to get all dressed up for the dance.
A fun photoshoot at a friend's house before heading to the high school ...

Silly Socks (they matched each other ... and nothing else!)

 Five guys (most of the senior basketball team!)

Cal's date Kate was named Homecoming Queen.

... and the final formal shot.
Callahan's senior Homecoming ... in the books. And on the blog!

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