Friday, March 18, 2016

Another Broken Bone

February 22 ... I got a call around 2:00 from the middle school saying Keaton had fallen hard in gym, and that his wrist was most likely broken. A badly bruised knee as well. I went right in, and they had his arm splinted and he was in a wheelchair because he couldn't walk with his knee. 

We drove straight to the Urgent Care. I was again able to find a wheelchair to get him into the office. But it felt anything but urgent there (GrangerMedicalWJ) ... it took forever for them to even check us in.  There was only the one receptionist handling the urgent care, plus the pediatrician's office and an ear/nose&throat doctor. I'm never going there again. 

Once we finally got back, the nurse and doctor were very nice. We got x-rays on both the wrist and knee. Wrist is broken, but the knee is just badly bruised. They splinted the arm, and after 3.5 hours we finally made it back home. I'd had to reach out on Facebook to neighbors to find someone to pick up my littles from the elementary school. I had to make another run out to pick up a painkiller prescription so that #3 could get some sleep. What a day.

This was just the initial exam, and the wrist would need a cast once the swelling had gone down. They recommended the Dr. in that office ... but I took Keaton to the Riverton Granger Medical, where Colton had his wrist treated. We got the cast on, and it was just a few weeks before it was off and the boy was back to basketball.

Keaton and his West Hills Middle team had been playing in the district finals ... Keaton had to miss the last games, and then the State season, where he'd been invited to play on the elite team. He was SO bummed to miss out on that! We perhaps pushed it a little on his return to the court, playing in a Spring league, but he was back and all went well. 

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