Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Last Pinewood Derby - 2016

It was many years ago, when Grayson looked at his oldest son competing in a Pinewood Derby race, that he decided it would be worth it to invest in a track and timer, to make sure all the Blackham Boys would have a great Pinewood Derby experience. Through the years, he's run so many races! All the races for his own boys. And this past Tuesday, March 15, 2016 ... was the final Pinewood Derby for a Blackham boy. Colton, now 10, will age out of cub scouts later this year. This, was the last derby. Of course, with track/timer/tables/trailer ... Gray will continue to run them for our ward and others, but he won't have HIS son as one of the racers. 

Due to dwindling numbers in the scouting program, three wards (the Jordan Oaks 1st, 2nd and 7th) came together in a single night. There were 23 racers. In the weeks prior to the race, as in years before, Grayson opened up our garage, his tools, and his knowledge, for a derby workshop. Helping parents and boys complete their cars, passing on tricks and tips to make them faster.

Colton, having taken first place last year, said he didn't care about making a fast car ... just a cool car. He had basketball games on the same Saturday as the derby workout (and Gray would have been too busy then to help anyway) so they worked on the car in the week afterward, barely finishing it up in time. For decor, a neighbor helped create custom cutouts (Gray thought they were totally awesome and is wondering about adding a Silhouette vinyl cutter to his gadget list).  There was already a #23 ... thus the extra little (1) there at the front (Colton's car was #123 on the official roster). 

Colton and his car.

Grayson and Keaton went over early to set up ... it was drizzling rain. 
It's been nice to have the covered trailer!

Colton came in 6th, and he was just fine with that.

Here's a highlight reel from the night. 


  1. Hi Grayson, This is Jolyn Alder from Jordan Oaks 2nd. I was wondering if you have March 23rd 2017, open for a derby? If not please call me at home 801-280-8207. I would so appreciate this. I couldn't find your number on my list. Thank you

    1. Hi Jolyn,
      I do have March 23rd open. My email address is
      Send me a quick note and let's set something up. Thanks
      Grayson 801-809-9898

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