Monday, February 16, 2015

The Last Supper

Before Landon leaves for Mexico for two years, the Blackham Clan got together for "the last supper" per say.  Many years ago, we'd had a fun celebration at Bucca De Beppo's Pope table, and Grayson reserved it again for this event. 

Landon and the Pope.

Of course it was a bit of crazy chaos, as it always is when all the Blackhams get together. Plenty of Italian yumminess. Cheesey bread, cheese sticks, pizza, chicken alfredo, macaroni rosa, baked ziti ... I can't remember what all else. Served family style, just help yourself! Uncle Clayton took a panoramic video, I'll try to link to it HERE

... and the traditional selfie, only capturing a glimpse of Gray.

Ah ... the last supper.

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